Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy week... can I get a breather?

What a week it has been, what rare mood I am in, why it’s almost like being in love…

Okay, that’s the end of my Nat King Cole introduction.

Gosh, such a busy week.  Sunday, I had a trapeze class and not my best but I FINALLY made it through a full mill circle!  Finally!  Now to keep doing it and not eat the rope on the back end, because with my first my teacher helped me a little and I flew into the rope instead of staying straight up.  I can’t wait to perfect them.

Monday, I went to see Charlotte Church (previous post).  I had to take a 4:48 train into Manhattan so I was in the city by 6pm.  The show was supposed to start at 9:30pm.  I forgot all about the Flower Show at MACY’s.  I would kick myself if I could.  I had three solid hours to dispose of and it was raining.  The Flower Show would have been absolutely perfect.  I also had my camera with me.  Ugh!  However, I took a stroll down 33rd street.  I figured instead of taking 3 subways down to Joe’s Pub I would walk down to the 6 line and rid myself of some extra time along the way.  As I was walking along I stumbled across Universal Comics.

I have heard of them, as I believe they are attendees at local conventions, but I don’t do much comic shopping in New York City so I hadn’t committed their shop to my memory.  I have to say it’s a great store.  The employees were welcoming and they didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all.  I have had issues in a store local to me that I can only assume is because I am both female and a browser.  I tend to buy more when I browse, because (I admit it) if I go in to buy exactly what I came in for I don’t discover new titles or items I might not have known about (typical woman goes to the store for juice and walks out with 5 pairs of shoes, I know).  So I didn’t get hounded and the staff was very friendly.  I took me only a few minutes to understand their organization which is amazing.  They alphabetize everything in the store and not by company; all the books are together alphabetized.

On my way out, I stopped to chat with the cashier (whom may be the owner) and compliment them on their organization.  He told me how some places organize based on event which to someone less knowledgeable can be extremely confusing.  I can agree to this.  I have a tough time navigating Midtown Comics, but that may have more to do with the space then the organization.  I cannot for the life of me figure out the organization (if there is any) in Collectors Kingdom.  It’s a small shop with a lot of stock and the employees there are also very friendly and helpful, but I am more of a browser and a hunter.  I like finding things on my own.  They have so much stock that I would need an employee to help me find a title or to move items off of the back issue boxes because they have the long boxes on top of one another and then goodies laid out on top of the top boxes.  Plus I can’t figure out what’s where other then the recent issues!  It’s a tough one to navigate.  It’s still a great place to check out if you’re ever in the Huntington, NY area.  My shop Fourth World in Smithtown, NY has both an alphabetical and company organization.  It’s easy to navigate around.  They have a book shelves down the center, with Marvel on one side and DC on the other (I believe RPG’s take up a piece of this as well).  On the back wall are independents, and then on the left wall is manga.  The right wall is toys and monthly issues and then they have a center rack with current week on the left and previous week on the right.  Plus the staff is amazing as I have said many times.  After your not treated well at a store you appreciate the other much more.  So my point was that as a newbie Universal Comics was extremely easy to navigate.  The cashier told me even the discounted books are alphabetized.  How awesome is that?

Tuesday, I had the pleasure of seeing GI Joe: Retaliation for a special preview night.  My movie and play gal pal and I are in a super secret special movie club at our local theater.  It’s the more expensive theater by us but closer to where we live, plus they have bargain nights where the normal movie ticket is cut down to $7 a pop and now they are offering up added perks like preview nights.  I wouldn’t have jumped to see GI Joe had it not been for preview night.  I may write about GI Joe tomorrow.  I would rather write about it after its official release so I don’t spoil anything for those that want to see it opening night.

Usually before we see movies, we go to Chili’s which is right next door.  Tipsy margarita walk back to the theater anyone?  Oh I have been there.  We will never forget my buzzed response to seeing the trailer for Transformers 3.  Apparently tequila likes me.  Anyway, we decided to try out Chatters (the theater restaurant) for the second time.  Our last visit there had some awful service, but we gave it a shot again.  Wouldn’t you believe between our table and the register my debit card was LOST!  Now granted my friend and I had two cards in the folder because neither of us had cash (other than the tip) but can you believe they lost my card?  The waitress came back and said there was only one card in the folder.  I know for a fact there were two.  This is not only because I am now missing one of my cards but also because I made a point to not lay them on top of each other for fear of demagnetizing.  Several things could have happened here: the card could have fallen out on to the floor (where someone picked it up), the waitress could have put it into the wrong folder and returned it to the wrong customer, or she could have swiped it.  I actually don’t think the third option is the case.  She did seem visibly upset, as she emptied all of her pockets and checked her apron and the garbage to make sure.  Thankfully I have a backup card that I don’t usually use.  So I was able to pay for my food.  I also called my bank and canceled the card immediately.  My bank also verified that the only transaction that went through that day had been from me.  So I have a new card on its way but now I have to go through all my accounts and update to my back up card because of this.  Regardless of my card being lost we still gave her a good 20% tip.  I told you all I am a good tipper.  We did get good service and I don’t think she lost my card on purpose.  Still stinks though.  I think next time, if we go back, it’s all about sitting at the bar with split bills.  They have some amazing drinks there (and they make them quite strong).

Wednesday, I pretty much made it home and passed out, but today I went for my very first laser hair removal treatment.  Yep… I am going there.  It’s a pretty painless process.  I thought it was follicle by follicle, but it’s actually several at a time.  I was pretty shocked at how quick it was done.  I am getting laser on my arm pits before you start wondering where.  From what I was told the place I went to has the latest technology.  They put what seems like a dry lotion (if that makes sense) on the area and then apply the laser in a few spots (each spot covers several follicles).  The laser itself is cool and then it pricks you a tiny bit.  I felt it more in some spots but for the most part it was more like light pressure for a moment.
Well onto getting all my debit and bank information sorted out.  It’s not exactly fun and it’s probably the most bizarre way anyone could lose their card, but I have to get everything sorted out regardless (including my hotel for NYCC!).

Tomorrow, I have to fix my Black Widow belt and style the Arda wig.  The wig in my previous shoot was borrowed.  I picked up an inexpensive curling iron ($9, can’t be that), so I am going to see what this heat resistance is all about after I straighten the bottom.  Plus I have chores to get done and a Once Upon a Time episode to catch up on.  I also missed last week’s Walking Dead (might splurge and purchase the episode).  Saturday, I will be flying trapeze and attending an Tabletop Game event.  Saturday, I will be having my very last Static Trapeze session in Brooklyn until September (unless I book a random day).  Sadness.  I am not fond of change when it comes to the few stable things I have.

So I am off to go fix my accounts.