Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Weekends...

I have been so busy lately.  Unending, nonstop, go go go… Today, I am relaxing a little bit and hitting the sheets early, because I have earned it.

This past Saturday I worked on Dorothy pretty much non-stop from 3pm on.  I got quite a bit done.  I hesitate to sew the sleeves on and the bodice sides for fitting issues.  I need to open the shoulders up and fix the placement of the straps in the back (possibly even tighten them up) before I can go any further.  What I have learned from Dorothy so far it that when compared to the 70’s pattern I purchased, today’s patterns are more like sewing for dummies.  The most confusing piece was the skirt band.  I cut this parallelogram piece, traced several lines through it, rolled it into a tube with one line off, sewed the seam, pressed it open, and then cut the band out in a spiral.  I pretty much stared at the instructions for a little while trying to figure it out in my head.  The spiral concept was not translating.  Then I got to take that piece and basically make a large (and very long) strip of gingham bias tape.  It took me well over an HOUR to do.  I just sat on the floor, with my iron, my mini ironing board and this long piece of fabric folding and pressing.  I sewed the band onto the skirt and did the gathering and then called it a day.  Whew!

For the most part the instructions differ in their lack of clear illustration and that they expect you to know what you’re doing.  Fair enough.  What bothers me the most is the back and forth terminology.  Right side and wrong side is what the pattern claims to use yet often it switches to front side and back side.  Peculiar.  I picked the 70’s version of this pattern because I felt the witches costumes were more authentic looking, Dorothy appears the same in the older version and the new one.

Sunday, I spent most of my day in Brooklyn.  For the first time ever I trained on trapeze by myself.  It was weird being alone on the truss but I have been getting to know the staff so I wasn’t completely alone in the gym.  My ideal training session would be myself and one other person training on separate apparatuses.  I am very good at working on my own, but it’s nice to have someone there if I mess up a trick.  I learned that I am more artistic without a crowd.  I tried doing a trick I have done plenty of times called a carousel) but more gracefully with my arms.  I gave each pull up the rope some flair.  I am not sure how to explain it, but I have tried in previous classes and couldn’t get myself to do it.  Unfortunately, the first time I tried I rolled my body the wrong direction and got a little caught but I was able to get out on my own without any panic.  The second time, I did it.

I also did a lot of work on mill circles.  I am almost there.  I can feel it.  I can get 75% of the way around the bar.  It’s that last bit I am caught up on, but I am not dropping to my knee anymore and that’s good.  I also played with some pop ups which I think might be the key to the mill circle.  I will keep trying.  If you saw the bruise on my thigh you would think I was crazy, but unlike last weekend I didn’t feel any pain attempting mill circles.

It was different being by myself at the gym but I liked it.  It was a much over due zen time for me.  Next weekend I have to remember to bring my trick book.  I had written out some things I wanted to work on and then forgot the book.  Whoops.

Sunday evening, I got to work on the bridal corset I mentioned in the previous blog post.  I took the zipper out to find a bit of a mess inside the corset.  I am a bit baffeled as to why they did not have the satin serged by the zipper.  This was easily fixed.  I added fusing tape inside where the zipper once was to each side.  I then managed to poke holes (at 1” intervals) using an exacto knife, a screwdriver, and my scissors.  I do not have a grommet punch, but I may invest in one.  Once I got the hang of it, adding the eyelets took very little time.  Much less time then adding the fusing.  Seems anything involving my iron takes me forever to accomplish.  The corset came out beautifully.  I had high fears of ruining it.  I am very excited at how it came out.  But you will all have to wait until June to see it…. Unless you know someone who knows someone who happened to get to see a picture, but that’s about two people.  Good luck with that one.

That was it.  The weekend was gone.  It went too fast.  Just like tonight.  I feel like I just got home from work but no it’s now 9:25pm.  Sigh.