Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gratitude and Overlaps

I have great friends.  No question about it.

April is going to be on slippery month with cosplay and circus clashing and thrashing around in my schedule.  Eek!  What’s a girl to do?

My first big over lapped whoops happened because I scheduled a rigging class with the amazing Brett Copes in April.  He has worked on quite a few known shows including Circus Smurkus (yes that’s a real circus show) and Cirque du Soliel among many others.  I am so excited he is finally having a class here in New York and I jumped at the chance to take it.  I will be there like a huge circus geek with my trapeze and a notebook.  Yes I will.  Then after I signed up I realized it’s on one of my closest friends’ birthday parties.  Downer.  Luckily, they overlap just enough that I will be late to the party and she is more than okay with that.  I mean the party doesn’t get started until an hour or two in anyway right?

The second overlap involves class times.  A few weeks ago I started thinking about taking a Ballet Barre class that is tailored for aerialists.  I also showed interest in a flying trapeze workshop.  Both are on Sunday and even though the times do not overlap they are much too close together for me to make both, plus I am continuing my static and most likely training prior to ballet.  I can’t imagine an hour and a half of static followed by an hour of ballet (nice and warmed up) and then two hours of flying.  That is crazy talk!  So I gave up the flying class.  I think this season, as much as I want to fly every week, for now I am going to limit myself to once a month.  Just to get that free fall flying through the sky feeling.  I start ballet April 7th!

The third involved a work function and the brand new Cosplay Subway Ride that I am hoping to partake in.  Each year I am invited (along with a few other people from my job) to the Meals on Wheels luncheon to represent our facility and our involvement.  I haven’t gone since 2009 because the luncheon always falls on a bad date for me.  Of course it fell on April 20th the day of the Cosplay Subway Ride.  Oh how I wanted to smash my head into the desk at that news.  Bang. Bang. Bang.  I knew one of the four people invited couldn’t go.  I knew another wanted to.  I wasn’t sure about the third person.  Thing is, it’s a very nice luncheon and I really enjoyed it the year I went, but I really want to do the subway ride.  However, I think at least two of the four of us should be present, so I was willing to give up the subway ride for the luncheon.  Turns out I don’t need to.  Two of the other ladies are available to go.  Maybe next year I will get to that luncheon.  There is always next year.  Now who to cosplay on the subway?  Black Widow?  Elektra?  Definitely someone recognizable without weapons.  Bringing even fake weapons on the subway is a bad idea.  I am thinking Elektra, because I can try to hang off the railing… I have seen aerialists do this on the subway and I really want to.

The fourth overlap that had me a bit batty involved two cosplay shoots taking place in the same day at the same time.  I was having a very real case of Pinkie Pie where I wanted to be in two places at the same time.  Two different groups of people, both just as important to me.  It was very hard to choose.  However, it would have been even tougher if they were on different weekends because I try to limit my PA trips to once a month at the most since it’s costly.  I already have a NJ trip in May (FCBD) and WW Philly in June, so I really only want to make one trip out in April.  The times changed for both shoots and they changed in a way that made me able to make both!  Plus I get to have a sleepover at my favorite Philly home.  Bonus!  So much stress gone.  I am so excited now.

And I am ever so thankful for iPhones.  I love the calendar.  I love that it’s on my phone and I can pop it onto my google calendar as well.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I am grateful for my friends for both aiding in the schedule conflicts and for more often than I would like being able to modify their schedules for me.  It means a lot.  Oh and when they go all mama/papa bear on me.  And when I annoy certain people with loads of cosplay questions or graphic novel inquires.  I feel like these days life is moving so fast I need a personal assistant, but I have some great people to keep my head in check.

And I am off to go finish cleaning up this place.  Hope you’re having a great weekend.  Aerials tomorrow!