Friday, March 15, 2013

Wig Review: Arda

I get very nervous when buying wigs online.  Very nervous.

I have bought one too many wigs online claiming to be “quality” only to find out they are horribly matted and the fibers are destroyed.  So I am nervous.

I usually purchase Forever Young wigs since I have bought them in the past and find them to be of good quality for their price.  The only downside is that they are not heat resistant, but I usually do not need them to be styled.

However, for my recent wig purchase I couldn’t order Forever Young because they do not have the colors I needed available.  I like my cosplay wigs to be more natural looking rather than take on the Crayola coloring straight out of comic books.  I think a natural color makes the character realistic.  I feel like it makes a person look more like the character then the person just wearing the character.  Kind of like does a model wear the clothes or do the clothes wear the model.

So Forever Young did not have much of anything available in red, strawberry, or white.  Go figure!  They must not be very popular among the non cosplaying crowd.

Thanks to a post from Yaya Han, I decided to check out Arda wigs.  I am sure I have seen Arda at conventions before but because I was not in need of any wigs I walked on by.  I know I have seen a wig retailer at conventions before.

I must have ordered my three wigs at a good time because Arda shipped the next day and within a week I had my three new wigs.  It seems they get backed up when at conventions.

Initially, I was pretty pleased with the wigs.  They were relatively soft and two of them possibly a bit too styled.

However, after wearing the Buttercup wig for only a few hours I am not so pleased with the wigs.  I have tried on all three and I can easily say they shed a whole lot more then Forever Young wigs.  I am finding wig strands all over the place.  While I was out in Venus I kept finding strands falling out.  It’s far from being drastic in the sense that an onlooker would be able to tell the wig is losing hair, but it’s enough to be very annoying.  I also noticed the ends of the Venus wig are already looking tattered, dry, and frizzy.  I wore the wig for 3 hours tops and for most of it I was sitting.  This is disheartening.

The good side is that these wigs are heat resistant and inexpensive.  I think I paid close to $100 for the three wigs.  Had they been Forever Young wigs I would have probably paid $150.

So I guess it’s a matter of shedding vs. little to no shedding, heat resistance vs. no heat resistance, and of course price.

I still like Forever Young much better but Arda is an okay alternative.