Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sewing: Padme Alterations

Last Saturday, I had planned on participating in the first ever Cosplay Subway Ride.  It is meant to be a take on the No Pants Subway ride but instead having costumed characters instead of pant less folk.  However, due to the Boston Marathon Bombing the subway ride was postponed.  Everyone had been on high alert and our purpose was not to scare any New Yorkers.  This left me with a free crafting day and I got quite a bit done!

Often when I have too many projects going on I get overwhelmed and I wind up lacking motivation.  I try to only work on one project at a time.  Up until a week ago this had been Dorothy and then Glinda.  However, I am planning on attending an event for Free Comic Book Day and wearing possibly Padme and Black Widow.  Both costumes need a little extra help.  Plus I started making a Catwoman hood.  The hood I thought was pretty awful until I put it on yesterday and realized I might be able to make it work.

This one... yup.
My day started with Padme alterations which is what I wanted to talk about in this blog.  Padme is a bagged costume I purchased for last year’s Retro Con (which I wound up not attending).  It’s not an awful bagged costume.  In fact, I like it and I think it’s pretty decent.  However, the silver arm band did not fit me at all and the belt was much too big.  Somehow, I think they made these two pieces in a one size fits most.  I purchased the costume in a small.  I won’t pretend that buying a small and having it be too big is not flattering because it is but I certainly cannot wear it that way.

First item to be fixed was the large armband.  In the photos below you can clearly see just how large the armband was.  Without my arm flexed it fell down to my wrist easily.  With my arm flexed it sits there loosely.  
Dangling in the air!

Very loose

I took a good two inches off of the diameter of the arm band and now it fits like a glove.  It’s very tight but I want it to be tight so that it stays on.

After stitching the end up

I am still shocked at how much I removed!

No more dangles!

That's a tight fit.

Next I modified Padme’s belt.  I did not take photos of the before but basically the Velcro on the belt would only barely hook on at the last point that they could meet at their tightest and even then it was big.  The belt fell below the pant top (which is does in the photo, but let’s agree that looks horrible).

So I added Velcro strips so that the entire attaching area of the belt has strips (rather then 2/3 of each side).  In the pictures there are two different colors of Velro, the white is the original and the tan is what I added.  I have the belt laid out so you can see how the original Velcro did not attach where I needed it to.   The white strips do not overlap each other at all.  Now with my extra Velcro they overlap and fit.  Plus I have extra Velcro holding the belt on.  I added the extra two strips to the front piece for added security.  In refitting the belt I also had to clip off an inch of the belt, because it’s rubber formed the extra rubber was not going to sit correctly so I had to say good bye to that overlapping piece.

Volia!  The belt sits properly now!

The left side is clipped so that is doesn't overlap the holster.

Side note if anyone else is looking to alter their own Padme costume.  When sewing the Velcro on use a leather needle!  I tend to always forget until the very last moment to change the needle on the sewing machine.  Also sewing the Velcro on is much more secure then sticky back Velcro no matter what the marketing on the package says.

I am still not 100% happy with the costume.  The pants could be tighter in the knees and the boot covers and a bit shotty, but they will do.  I may possibly make new boot covers in the future.  I am also not in love with the belt but it does work and my blaster fits into the holder perfectly.  Although, with recent events I am most likely going to be leaving the blaster at home.

I also spent my day completing Dorothy finally.  I cut all the patterns and fabric for Glinda.  I worked on a mask.  I also made a new Black Widow belt which I will be adding a tutorial for sometime this week.

Happy stitches!