Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spray Paint Swindling

Yesterday I purchased a Krylon Gold Chrome spray paint or so I thought.  Turns out I was deceived!

When I bought my chrome spray paint at Micheal's I asked the sales associate if the can I was holding was in fact gold.  They confirmed this.  I asked because the cap color looked a liked a golden silver.  Well guess what?  When I used it today I found out it is indeed silver.  Fail.

Exact same silver.
However, the spray paint is not just silver it’s the exact same silver as Krylons Metallic Silver.  That’s frustrating.  Often manufacturers will repackage an item for a different target market.  The chrome can is the same height as the metallic can but it is thinner.  I think it may be thinner to fit a females grip.  However, the other Krylon spray paints at Micheal’s including the short bottles are all Krylon’s typical diameter in can shape.

What really got me is the price.  Now part of this has to do with the type of store and the bulk in which they purchase.  Typically a store that purchases a large volume makes its way into a bracket that offers lower prices (easy example: Wal-Mart).  Store that purchase a lower volume still have access to the discounted price but lack the movement to purchase that volume of product.  (I was a marketing student and I am a buyer by day, can you tell yet?)

The cans are also different sizes.  The Chrome can is 8 ounces where the Metallic can is 11oz.

Chrome 8 oz can at Micheal's is $6.99 which is $.87 an ounce.
I got my can on sale for $4.99 which came to $.65 an ounce.
Metallic 11oz can at Wal-Mart is $3.27 which is $.30 an ounce.

Totally snapped a creeper
photo in Wal-Mart.
This ounce breakdown is how I judge the real cost difference between food products at work because not all brands of the same products come in the same volume I have to break them down by piece, ounce or pound depending.  I then multiply it out for a true cost difference.

So now that I broke down the prices by ounce, I know I am definitely returning the chrome can since even though it was on sale I am still spending slightly more than double the amount by ounce.  When the chrome product is not on sale I am spending almost three times as much!

Granted, I purchased my Metallic can at Wal-Mart so the price is naturally bare bottom low.  That said I can’t imagine the Metallic can costing more than $6.99 anywhere.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen spray paint cost more than $6.99.  My suggestion to you crafters is to always purchase Metallic over Chrome since it’s the same product and even if paying at the higher price you’re getting a little more product for your money.

In the pictures below you can see my variety of metal spray paints on cardboard.  There is no primer underneath them.  It’s pretty clear the two silvers are identical, but you can judge for yourself.  I would even suggest Krylon’s Matte Aluminum paint is the same as well, but I know it has less of a sheen.

My 6 metal spray paints.  I threw the three to the left in for fun.
I tried using the Rust-Oleum on my Nerf Abbey gun and it wasn't pretty.
I am still not a fan of the Rust-Oleum. 
If any friends of mine want this barely used can please contact me.
Note that the paints were not all dry in this picture.

It's pretty obvious that the Metallic is a bit more shiny.

Very clear differences, subtle yet clear.  However, I may have sprayed a lighter coat of the chrome.

However, from the side they all look the same, almost.