Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tutorial: Cat Gloves

With my new body suit, it’s only a matter of time before I will be donning cat costuming.

Whether it is Black Cat or Catwoman in the future both need some clawed gloves (with decent sized claws).  A friend mentioned that they never pictured me cosplaying Catwoman, alas he did not know that the first graphic novel I read in my adulthood was “Catwoman: When in Rome.”  Not to mention being into aerials and acrobatics, plus cat is in my nick name.  Duh!

I would even like to make a detachable collar to convert my body suit into Black Cat!  I am thinking patterning some fake fur and hardcore magnets.

Anyway, glove making….
So finding a pair of ready-made clawed gloves is nearly impossible.  I found a costume pair that had a furry glove and not Black Cat fur it's this ugly black fur that looks more hobbit then cat.  Um no.  So I was left to try to figure this out myself.  I went on countless internet searches and wound up with extremely little information.  So I just winged it.


  • Gloves (which ever length or color suits your needs)
  • Fake nails of desired length and style
  • Mod Podge Jewel Glue
  • Bobby Pins
  • Patience

Lay out your nails by size.  This is will help prevent any sizing confusion.

Put on one glove and make sure the fingers are straight.

My first attempt I used Super Glue which did nothing to glue the nail to the fabric but it did soak through the fabric and try to glue my finger to the glove.  Not what I was looking to do.  Do not use Super Glue!

Anyway, my second attempt I went with Mod Podge Jewel Glue because I figured its intention is to glue plastic to fabric.  If I had failed I was going to try Fabri-Tac which I am now told works as well.  Yay instincts!

For each glove I started at the pinky.  Make sure the fingers are straight and add a small dollop of glue and pop a nail on top.  Hold the nail down for a good ten minutes.  Continue this process until you get all the way around those five fingers.

Then leave the glove on a bit longer without any sudden moments.  Once you can see the glue starting to become clear, you can start to take the glove off.

Make sure to pull the body of the glove up to your palm first.  Starting at the pinky, grab the nailed part of the finger and gently wiggle it free.  Continue for each finger and then pull the glove off.

Now take the bobby pins and put them over the nails and glove fingers.  This will help keep the fabric in the curved nail as the glue dries.

Continue with the next glove.

Once both gloves are dry, toy with the nails a bit.  You may need to glue a little more, either to the bottom of the nail or the top.  Add drops here and there and re-clip with the bobby pins until dry.

Et volia!  Cat gloves!  Easy peasy!

So simple I couldn’t find a tutorial.

Also so simple I may redo them with higher quality gloves.  My white dance gloves are much nicer then these costume ones.

I didn't take pictures while working on this project.  But here is one of the finished gloves!