Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Skin and Modesty

I am a pretty modest person when it comes to my costumes and clothing.

Of course modesty can be a sign of maturity as I wasn’t always so modest.  To the right is me headed out for my 21 birthday in 2001.  I was headed to Exit and this was more or less the fashion.  The smaller the top the better and it was common with girls to just wear a string bikini top in the club.  I skipped the skirt and had pants on because it was winter and clearly avoided the no white after Labor Day rule (and I still wouldn't care about it).  The pants were actually the ones that laced up on the sides.  Very early 2000's right here.  Haha.   Yes, those are MIB 80's Transformers behind me and no they were not mine.

These days I don’t like to show off much skin at all.  In fact, in the summer I am more of a capri person then shorts, but I am trying to wear skirts more.  In trapeze, we are always coming up with different methods of keeping everything in place when upside down, bending and twisting around.  It can be a challenge, but so far so good.  Because nature has “blessed” me with cleavage at work I have to try extra hard to hide it and I am not always successful.

So when it comes to costuming, I like to pick characters that are somewhat modest.  So needless to say, I am scared to death of being in public in White Rabbit this upcoming weekend.  However, I did modify the bottoms to be modest.  Putting the costume on today, I realized it doesn’t actually show much skin.  It doesn’t.  It just shows different skin.

Instead of knee high boots and a skirt showing the lower thigh we have thigh high boots and a bikini showing the upper thigh.  My dreaded abdominals are hidden and in many of my costumes they are exposed.  Instead of having full arms and neck exposed I have the collar bone and the shoulders exposed.  Plus, I have a face mask.

I actually think I am more covered up in White Rabbit then I am in Supergirl when I look at it that way and we made Supergirl to be somewhat modest with skirt length and such.  Sure Supergirl has sleeves but the abdominals are exposed and that is not my favorite area to be exposed but White Rabbit has the collar and shoulders exposed instead.

This thinking is calming my nerves a bit.  I am excited but very nervous at the same time and very thankful for other costumers who will be with me Saturday.

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