Sunday, May 26, 2013

White Rabbit Hood/Mask Attempt 2

I have been somewhat diligently working on the mask for White Rabbit.

That really means getting to where I am now has been a huge brain teaser and tested my patience, knowledge and creativity.

I tried using plastic masks.  I actually purchased 3 different plastic masks.  Full face from Joann’s doesn’t lay back against my ear.  The full face from Party City is bigger than my face in bad areas, the half mask from Joann’s was a lot better but then how would I get the mask so drape under my chin and around the neck?  Et voila!  Creating a hood was born.

My making a hood is rather tricky because I don’t own anything hooded.  I had no starting point.  I had no pattern.  I made a fabric bag and stuffed it over my foam heads face and it looked more Scarecrow then White Rabbit.  From there I used pins and tailors chalk to figure out where the seams should be.  The mask has one seam and goes down the center of my face.  This made it easier to work out the chin and neck.  It also makes it easier to create symmetry with the eyes and mouth, since they will be open.

The hardest part about that first mask was figuring out how to cut the mouth and eye holes.  My foam head is not the same size and shape of my head and I can’t see through the stretch knit when it’s on.  So I had to do a bit of guess work.  In the end of that particular mask, I found that I cut the jaw too wide, I cut the ear holes open to long (easily remedied), and while I cut the eyes well the part of the mask under the eyes curls rather than laying flat.

Off to mask number two that is lined with stretch fabric.

The end result of this video is that I yet again need to make another hood.  Thankfully, I still have a decent amount of fabric.