Monday, May 27, 2013

White Rabbit Mask/Hood Final!

It’s done!

There are some spots that could be a bit better on the mask but those spots will be covered by the wig.  However, this is something to take into account if I ever need to make a mask for a character again.

In the final video, I am both testing out how I am going to make the mask work by adding stretch interfacing to the eyes and underneath the jaw to the original mock hood.  This enviably wound up being exactly how I made the third mask, because it worked!

Cut out a bunch of pieces of the video to same time on the video because after having all that video of ironing on the last one I didn’t think it was necessary to repeat it (plus it’s a bit boring).

I made loads of errors in my excitement to get this final mask completed.  Particularly with the interfacing.  I managed to put the interfacing on the wrong side of one half of the mask.  Thankfully it does come off rather easily if you have a spot to peel it off.  I also managed to flip the fusing the wrong was and fuse it to the press cloth at one point.  Silly mistakes.

Originally I was going to have grommets in the back for the rat tail to thread through but the grommets were giving my some trouble on the stretch fabric so I would up leaving them out and it works just fine without them.  I may change it to a zipper at some point.  Add another piece of fabric around the eyelets and then sew a short invisible zipper behind it.  I am afraid of getting my hair caught in the zipper!

Anyway, here is the video.  I had The Goonies on and The Simpons Movie playing in the background.  Unfortunately, the TV is behind the camera so the camera really picked up the TV even though I thought it was on pretty low.  I just don’t talk loud enough.

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