Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: EternalCon 2013

Last Saturday, I went to EternalCon at Long Island’s Cradle of Aviation Museum.  It’s taken me a week to do a write up because I have been super busy getting ready for tomorrows Mermaid Parade.

Finally Long Island has a comic convention!  Finally!  Okay, so maybe iCon counts as a convention but iCon is its own breed with a heavy focus on Sci-Fy and Fantasy.  EternalCon is comic books, toys, props, artists, and local costuming groups all in the same building.

The show was inside Nassau County’s Cradle of Aviation Museum and a ticket to the show included access to the museum.  I can’t not mention that it had been advertised that the ticket included both Cradle of Aviation and the Firefighters Museum which is attached, but this turned out to not be the case.  I was more than happy to see all the planes.  The museum is wonderful and easily seen in a day.  It’s set up so that you walk backwards through flight development.  So when you enter the museum the first displays are all about space, followed by military planes (a whole lot of them), glider planes, hang gliders and even a hot air balloon.  Once through the museum you can walk upstairs and see sections of the museum from up above.  Full size planes are throughout the building, some are on the floor but many are suspended in the air.

Anyway, EternalCon (from what I heard) took in 3,000 people!  I am actually very surprised by this number.  The show was very small compared to what I am used to, but they used three floors to accommodate the vendors and such.  Artists and costuming groups were on the second floor, panels, were on the third floor, and on the first floor they had food and lots of vendors with everything from superheroes to both current and nostalgic toys to Doctor Who and more.  It never felt like there were more than a couple hundred people at the show.  So I am both shocked and delighted to hear that there were so many more people there then I expected.

Also on hand, was a small car show outside that consisted of the Batmobile, Kitt, some military vehicles and more.  This show had a lot to see.  Plus the crowd was great!

Another addition was the parking.  Parking was very easy.  The museum has a nice lot right outside.  Those of us that go to conventions in cities know how tough parking can be but not at EternalCon.  You could easily walk to your car and drop off your purchased goods and head right back in for no additional parking fee.

Jason S Coleflesh
I went to EternalCon as Black Widow.  I chose to bring all the guns this time, because I saw the fun opportunities to be had.  I was very surprised that there was no weapon check.  Pretty much all of the cosplay I saw at the show had artillery on them.  I even taped my widow pistols so they had the orange ends.  Turns out I didn’t really need to tape them.  Black Widow was a lot of fun to wear at the convention.  The show was heavy with Star Wars and GI Joes (and that’s because of costuming groups mostly).  I also saw a few Trekkies and a nice sprinkle of other characters.  Once out of costume, I saw Catwoman and Batman heading into the costume contest.

So being dressed as Black Widow while hanging around a bunch of Joe’s and Cobras got me mistaken for Baroness many times.  I am still baffled by this since Baroness does not have bright red hair, but thanks to The Avengers film it seems most people have forgotten that Natasha has long red hair not that awful short do.  I had some contact problems in the morning so my glasses were probably throwing people off a bit as well.  I was also mistaken for Batwoman early in the day.

I learned that holsters hurt.  I had both thigh holsters on attached with the utility belt.  I had the utility belt on at my natural waist (think mom jean height) and then my widow belt at my hips over the straps to the holsters.  Having the belt up high on my waist brought the large parachute buckles up to the bonier area of my hips and after having the holsters on for 6 hours I was pretty much running to my car to get them off.  Live and learn!  I will still wear the holsters, but maybe pull a switch midday at a bigger show.  The other cosplay I thought would have been good for EternalCon was Abbey Chase.  This might possibly be the case next year…

Summary:  I loved this convention and (as long as my schedule allows it) I will absolutely be back next year.  For $14 admission you can’t say no.

I will impatiently wait until they post the date for next year here:

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