Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movies, Trapeze, and the MoMA...

Whew... After having a few slow weeks I was super busy recently. I think I am starting to readjust to normal life!

So normal life means keeping my home tidy, keeping on top of the dishes, doing my own laundry instead of sending it out (Oh but it's so nice sending it out), and having a summer where I go to the beach and spend time with friends outside of conventions (and even trapeze).

Anyway, two weekends ago (I am a bit behind) I was pretty busy and I wouldn't have had it any other way!  I spent Friday night watching rented movies at home with a friend while eating junk food and drinking cocktails. Of course I had my favorite marshmallow vodka with Dr Pepper.  We wound up watching The Host and Identity Thief.

I did not like The Host!  Finally I can join the clan of Stephanie Meyers haters!  Well not really. I do like the concept of the story but it was so predictable, slow and boring!  It was a lot more fun when we started adding our own commentary. Identity Thief was okay. I really like Melissa McCarthy but I fear she is becoming a one trick pony.  I don't find her as funny as I once did because her physical comedy bits are all the same. She really needs to change it up.

The following morning I watched Jack the Giant Slayer which was pretty awesome considering my low expectations.  It's also predictable but not boring and definitely not slow.  I would watch it again.

Saturday, I flew trapeze for the first time since May!  It felt great to be back in the air!  My first swing was awesome and then I went downhill fast because I have lost muscle and stamina over the months I have been absent (and I gained five pounds).  But I did make both of my catches and on the second I managed a good re-grip.  I even have a bruise on the back of my hand where our catcher snatched me out of the air.  He wouldn't normally bruise a person but because he wanted to make sure he had me since my timing was floppy.  I also managed to rip my hand a little.  After two days of babying it, it was almost healed!  Flying also allowed me to see my friend Gen for the first time in 2 years!  It was great hanging with her and I hope we fly together really soon.  I am also completely in love with her Jeep.  I want one now.

Sunday, I went into New York City to the Museum of Modern Art with a friend that I met through another friend but had yet to meet in person.  The MoMA was not my favorite museum prior to the newer building but I thought I might like it more now being that I am older.  I was about 16 the last time I was at the MoMA.  I tend to like classical art and impressionism.  We checked out everything except the drawings and furniture because the drawing area was closed and I really can't stand the furniture (I have no interest in a futuristic sink, nope).  We both decided that we don't care for Claes Oldenburg.  His work seemed like experiments in elementary school crafts and home ex.  I was disappointed in their lack of Van Gogh and Piet Mondrian.  They did have Starry Night and two Piet Mondrian’s.  
I finally found a Picasso piece that I like!  I do love Monet and they have four of his pieces. What I love about Monet (and Impressionism in general) is how his work looks so gorgeously detailed from afar but when you dive in for a closer look it all turns to smoosh and rubbish.  I have seen Monet’s before but not nearly as close. It's amazing how the paint is globed on so much that it looks like beautifully placed stucco.  My face was about 4" away from the paint and just realizing I am that close to such an amazing work is astounding.  Plus the Waterlillies piece they have is enormous!  Its three canvases taking up an entire wall!  I was surprised at how close the MoMA allowed visitors to the art.

They had three Pollacks and a few Warhols. Pollack is one of those artists that I have grown to love.  I love the chaos in his work.  It's absolute madness and it is stunning.  I enjoy Warhol but my favorite Warhol is “Birth of Venus” because I adore Botticelli’s painting.  MoMA does not have Warhol’s “Birth of Venus” maybe one day I will stumble across it.  I was very surprised at how small his “Marilyn” piece is, especially when you take into account the size of the canvas which is huge.  It’s much like how people say the “Mona Lisa” is very small in person but that is because we expect it to be a large piece so it seems very small.  In reality the “Mona Lisa” is not huge and it’s not small, it’s average.  I did get to see it at the Louvre and I did not think it was incredibly small, just normal.  Warhol’s “Marilyn” is small and appears smaller in contrast to the large canvas.

I don't get most of the contemporary art. I certainly do not care for what is being classified as art today.  

Bare with me on this one…  They did have this weird piece by Adrian Piper called “What Will Become of Me” where the artist is continually collecting her hair, nail clippings and foot skin in mason jars.  This piece is unfinished as the artist continues to add to it and eventually her cremated remains will be a part of it as well.  The purpose of the piece is to show that we are all the same.  It’s interesting to say the least.  It certainly got our attention. 
MoMA: Adrian Piper

It was a great weekend.  A very busy weekend but a great one regardless.

I attempted to add pictures but blogger is not adding the pictures.  :(