Saturday, August 24, 2013

Phone Blogging

Hey everyone!  I posting a quick blog from my phone because I would have enjoyed spending part of this evening finishing the blog on the Renaissance Faire. Alas, my Internet is only sort of working right now. I could have finished typing but then I wouldn't have been able to post. Sadness.

Hopefully this Internet issue get resolved quickly.

We didn't have power at my place for a  about 24 hours and since then the Internet has been intermittent.

I fix my shower and the following day the power goes out. Eek!  We actually had partial power which is why I was able to work on Castaspella.  I think the reason the "belt" was so messed up is that the jersey I was using is too flimsy. I may test out some spandex with non stretch interfacing or marine vinyl both ideas as a separate skirt because it will no longer have stretch. I can try the same method with the stretch interfacing but with spandex not jersey but I do not want to further mess up the leotard. As it is the leo after one evening with the skirt on it has a line where the skirt was and a few clipped/pulled spots where I had a tough time seam ripping. Ugh. I will get this to work.  Once her skirt is attached I just have to make the leggings, modify the boots and attach the collar. 

I think I can. I think I can.