Sunday, August 11, 2013

Temporary Blindness.

When I got home from the NY Ren Faire I made this video (vlog) about something that happens to me and happened at the faire.

I really enjoyed the faire this year, but this is something that scares the crap out of me and I decided to talk about it.  Let’s discuss migraines and Ally going completely blind, because constant migraines are not enough.

So after I filmed this, I did a quick google search for migraines and vision loss.  It’s not exactly uncommon, but from everything I am reading it’s generally ONE eye that looses vision and not both eyes.  It’s called an Ocular Migraine, because the common migraine was not enough for me.

Everything I am reading specifically states that vision loss is only in one eye.  Except for one site that said it’s rare in both eyes and even rarer to happen during a common migraine since it’s not related to the common migraine.

The bright side is they say there is no treatment for it or long term affects (assuming this is an ocular migraine).  The vision loss lasts less than 30 minutes and because of this medication would be of no use.  They suggest staying away from food triggers of chocolate, cheese, caffeine, smoked meats and red wine.  I don’t consume these things.  Though admittedly I have been pretty bad with caffeine lately and I do have an ounce of pure dark chocolate a few days a week.  It’s actually good for you.

When I was much younger, I did go to my doctor complaining about the vision loss and she mocked it up at a type A migraine.  At the time I had never had a migraine.  It’s also very possible I was not clear with her since I had a change in doctors when testing was going on.  I may not made sure to state blindness in BOTH eyes, not just one.  After reading up on this, even though my symptoms completely match ocular migraines (except in both eyes), I want to follow up with my doctor once again and push to rule out other causes.  Go look up the causes for temporary blindness in both eyes.  It’s not pretty.

Bah… back to Castaspella.