Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baltimore Excitement!

In just FOUR days the Baltimore Comic Con begins! I haven’t been this excited for a show in a very long time.

I am painfully excited to be in a new city. Yes, I know that all of Baltimore isn’t pretty and to stick to the harbor and tourist areas, but I haven’t been outside of New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey in YEARS (for anything). I feel like a rabid caged raccoon. I am foaming and ready to get off Long Island!

I haven’t been able to sleep tonight, maybe a bit because of excitement? While awake at crazy hours I perused the guest list and artist alley on the website. This got me more excited. This got me more excited. The problem with sticking to very local conventions is that the industry talent at the shows tend to remain the same every year with a few additions and subtractions, but it’s relatively the same. This is why I may not attend Wizard World Philadelphia or New York Comic Con in 2014. If I do it will not be to the same extent as it has been in the past. When something becomes redundant it no longer excites me. I am sure taking a year off of local will get me excited for the following year because I am sure I will miss them dearly.

Anyway, so I collect trading cards. Not all trading cards though. Specifically I collect Fathom, Witchblade (several series), Marvel Masterpieces (2008), Women of Marvel (also 2008 I believe) and of course my current series My Little Pony. People always seem very surprised when I pull out a card for them to sign. I am not the typical card collector I am told. Thing is, I love art. I love it. When it comes to comics I am art focused. I can’t read a well written book if the art doesn’t work for me and for some people it’s quite the opposite. Being that I love art I don’t see my enjoyment of trading cards as that unusual. To me, they are mini pieces of art and some of my favorites are framed in my living room.

So that said, each year when I go to a convention I check my little card book with the cards I would like to get signed and I am extremely lucky if I get one artist that will be attending and that’s just because the pool of talent doesn’t vary much from year to year. Being that Baltimore is a new convention, I pulled out my book and THREE of the artists will be there. I am so excited! Ron Frenz, Mark Buckingham and Frank Cho (who I believe has been to NYCC but I missed him). I can’t wait to get the cards signed. It’s such a little thing but it’s really made me geek out tonight.

To make matters even better Ron Marz, Terry Moore and Scott Christian Sava will be there. Scott has been a confirmed guest since I decided to go and he is the reason I chose to travel to Baltimore (or even considered it). I really love his Dreamland Chronicles series (I missed book 4, sadness). I can’t wait to get my book signed by him. Happy tears. Pure happy tears. I am also bringing along my (don’t laugh at me) Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: Sophomore Jinx to have Terry sign.  I really enjoyed that series even though it's aimed at 13 year-old girls.  It was fun.  I am also going to check my old comic boxes in storage because I know I have some really awesome Witchblade issues for Ron. I really haven’t brought anything to have anyone sign at a show in so long. It’s been two years at least, easily. I had no reason to check since I don’t travel much.

I know the artists I look for and the booths I look for which is really Zenescope, Top Cow (Image) and Aspen. When Aspen brings DeBalfo back out to NYCC I am probably going to pass out from happiness. Last time he was on the East Coast was at the 2009 NYCC, I met him then when he was just bursting onto the scene and I already loved his work.  Now I have amassed quite a few pieces including the Penny for Your Soul angel print (it’s is behind my head right now) that have been waiting for his signature.

Also at Baltimore I will have some really fun floor buddies. Saturday I will be Dorothy and the Wicked Witch will be with me. Sunday is the costume contest (odd but I really like the 1pm time) and our Cirque group is reuniting for the contest and for the day AND we have a new member! What does stink is that I know some people in another group competing and that’s no fun. I don’t like competing against friends, but it is just for fun.

I am so excited I actually have my cosplays all packed up already. I have Cirque White Rabbit in a duffle bag, Dorothy’s dress is in a gown protector, her shoes and basket are out on my dresser. I just need make up and essentials and I am good to go! I also “plan” on baking something…. Now to find out if my roommates have any food allergies…

I haven’t geeked out like this in a long time. I am already enjoying Baltimore and I am not even there yet!