Friday, September 6, 2013

More Baltimore News!

Baltimore Comic-Con has been sending out oodles of information and releases.  Here are a few more, again with page anchors for your convenience.

Wounded Warrior Project
Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook
Honest Tea Co-Founder to appear at BCC
Jimmy Palmiotti Panel Lineup
IDW at Baltimore Comic-Con

Support the Wounded Warrior Project at the Baltimore Comic-Con

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 2, 2013 - From September 7th & 8th at the Baltimore Comic-Con, award-winning graphic novelist and illustrator, Robert James Luedke, will be raising awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, selling originally designed prints whose proceeds will benefit the veteran's charity.

The WWP's purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members; to help injured service members aid and assist each other; and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. "This is a wonderful cause that supports those who have put it all on the line for their country, but now are finding it difficult to heal and reintegrate into society, even with the help of our government," said Luedke. Through the efforts of his Facebook group, Artists Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, Luedke has raised over $24k for the WWP since May of 2012 through silent auctions, live auctions, and prints sales at comic conventions around the country!

Luedke, also known as "Bob the Artist," has been involved in the comic and graphic novel industry since 1995. From 2004 through 2010, his Eye Witness graphic novel series captured 5 different indie book awards and was a finalist for 5 others.

Luedke will be offering 6 different prints at his tables (A29-30) during the convention, where 100% of the proceeds will benefit the WWP! For more information about the work of the Wounded Warrior Project, visit:

Baltimore Comic-Con's Yearbook Returns!

Featuring Stan Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo!

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 3, 2013 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is proud to announce the return of the Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook, celebrating the creators appearing at the show. This book of art features some of our guests interpreting the Usagi Yojimbo characters, sometimes in conjunction with their own creations, in a celebration of creator-owned properties.

As a bonus, we have a scavenger hunt of sorts. When you buy the book, you'll get a list of our 38 Yearbook contributors and their table numbers. Get 10 of them to sign it, and come back to the booth for your choice of an added print by either Frank Cho, Ray Fawkes, Michael Golden, Terry Moore, or Mark Texeira! For every 5 extra signatures beyond the first 10, you get an extra print!

Usagi Yojimbo was created by Stan Sakai and first published in 1984, launching in Albedo, a self-published anthology by Steve Gallacci, followed by an appearance in Critters from Fantagraphics in 1985, and finally its own series from the same publisher in 1987, all in black & white. In 1993, Usagi made the jump to color at Mirage Publishing, and moved to Dark Horse in 1996, where it remains to this day. Nearly 30 years of Usagi Yojimbo have seen print in book, TV, and digital formats.

"Stan is a great friend of the Baltimore Comic-Con," said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. "His timeless, classic characters are the perfect source for our guests and friends to interpret for the Baltimore Comic-Con's second ever Yearbook, and we adore the contributions, Stan's work, and Stan himself for allowing us to honor him in this fashion."

The art created for the 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook celebrating nearly 30 years of Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo will be auctioned at this special event! Don't miss this opportunity to own original art featuring Stan's characters as depicted by artists including Roger Andrews, David Bullock, Jim Calafiore, Richard Case, Bernard Chang, Frank Cho, Steve Conley, Jason Copland, Jeremy Dale, Ray Fawkes, David Finch, John Gallagher, Agnes Garbowska, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Michael Golden, Jimmy Gownley, Ken Hunt, Chris Kemple, Roger Langridge, David Mack, Mark Mariano, Tradd Moore, Ryan Ottley, David Petersen, Brandon Peterson, Khoi Pham, Joe Prado, Ron Randall, Ivan Reis, Sara Richard, Craig Rousseau, Stan Sakai, Scott Christian Sava, Chris Schweizer, Walter Simonson, Edward Smith, Mark Sparacio, Mark Texeira, Christopher Uminga, Mark Wheatley, Rich Woodall, Thom Zahler, and Chrissie Zullo!

The book will be sold, and the art auction will be held at 5pm in our Main hall, in Booth #2505. The book will be available at the Baltimore Comic-Con for $20.

Honest Tea Co-Founder Seth Goldman to Appear at the Baltimore Comic-Con
Honest Tea to Sponsor the Harvey Awards

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 4, 2013 -Baltimore Comic-Con is pleased to welcome Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman for his only comics event appearance of the year as he talks about his new book, Mission in a Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently-and Succeeding. Co-written by Barry Nalebuff and drawn by Sungyoon Choi (American Widow), Mission in a Bottle tells the story of how two guys attempted to launch a mission-driven business that offered a healthier tea, taking it from brewing tea in their spare time to a multi-million dollar business sold in more than 100,000 outlets worldwide. It's both an innovative non-fiction comic and a funny, insightful business book.

Goldman will appear Sunday morning at 11 am in Room 305 to talk about the making of the book, the uses of nonfiction comics, and secrets of entrepreneurship in a panel moderated by The Beat and Publishers Weekly's Heidi MacDonald.

Goldman was profiled this week in the Washington Post, to discuss his many charitable activities and plans to start a business that offers healthier food. A resident of Bethesda, MD, Goldman is also the co-founder of Bethesda Green, a local sustainability initiative in Honest Tea's hometown. Bethesda Green has installed dozens of recycling bins in Bethesda, helped create a program for restaurants to convert their grease waste into biodiesel, and created Maryland's first green business incubator.

Jimmy Palmiotti Joins the Self Publishing Panel Lineup at Baltimore Comic-Con

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 4, 2013 - Special guest and legendary inker/writer Jimmy Palmiotti joins the roster of comics creators speaking about their self publishing experiences at the Baltimore Comic-Con this Saturday, September 7th at the Baltimore Convention Center. The Self Publishing: You Can Do It panel takes place at 2 pm in Room 305. Other panelists include: Alpha Girl Comics publisher and writer Amy Chu (Girls Night Out), George O'Connor (Healed), Danielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots, Adventure Time), and Carolyn Belefski (Curls).

The one hour panel is a candid and informal session for new and established writers and artists who are looking to create and distribute their own comics digitally and in print. Each panelist has a different experience to bring to the discussion. Writers Chu, a former student of Scott Snyder and a Harvard Business School graduate, and O'Connor, an advertising copywriter, will talk about collaboration and business. Artists Carolyn Belefski and Danielle Corsetto will share their experiences in the webcomic space. And Palmiotti has been extremely successful with a series of Kickstarter campaigns funding his creator-owned titles in the past year.

IDW at Baltimore Comic-Con!
Amazing Panels And Creator Signings At Fan-Favorite Convention

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 5, 2013 - Over the weekend of September 7th - September 8th, IDW will be joining the big names of Baltimore Comic-Con at the Baltimore Convention Center, along with their guest of honor, Joe Hill! Throughout the convention, IDW will be hosting a variety of panels, and top-tier signings at the IDW booth!

Join IDW's VP of Marketing, Dirk Wood, on Saturday, September 7th from 5:00 - 6:00PM in Room 302/303 as Wood and Locke & Key co-creator Joe Hill discuss the closing chapters of the ground-breaking series, and what the future holds for the Harvey Award-nominated writer at the "IDW Presents: Joe Hill" panel. On Sunday, September 8th from 2:00 - 3:00PM in Room 302/303, join Wood again at "IDW: The Big Panel" with legendary creator Walter Simonson and a few surprise guests to hear about some of the amazing projects coming your way from IDW!

The IDW booth is where you'll find a number of the sensational creators among Baltimore's impressive guest list. Signings over the course of the weekend include Joe Hill (Locke & Key), Agnes Garbowska (My Little Pony), Sara Richard (My Little Pony), Walter Simonson (The Mighty Thor: Artist's Edition), Mark Waid (Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom), Thom Zahler (Love & Capes), and more! Whether it's your favorite issue of My Little Pony, Locke & Key, or Rocketeer, be sure to bring your books, or pick up a copy at the IDW booth to get signed!

IDW has something for everyone, and Baltimore Comic-Con will give you the chance to meet the talented creators behind your favorite books!