Monday, September 9, 2013

Post Baltimore Comic Con Ramblings...

I am back from Baltimore Comic Con and I am still recuperating.

I got home late last night and then made this video of me mumbling about the show and a few other random things.

I actually started recording at 11:40pm... I said 10:40 by mistake. Sleepy girl.

I would like to note that my comments on Mark Buckingham is more of any example of why artists should consider introducing schedules at their table instead of having a person verbally tell people. All it takes is a small easel and a dry erase board.

Also the person at the rest stop could have very well been someone that recognized me. Possibly a convention attendee, I don’t know. I also had a neck wrap on (because the base of my neck starts screaming at me when I drive long distances). Either way it’s fine; sometimes I just get self conscious.

It was a great show. A more formal review is to come soon. I am so exhausted still. I think I need a quiet weekend to recharge my batteries and I don’t believe I will have one until after NYCC. Life of a busy person.