Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Cool Cosplay Tutorials I Found...

So I have a new costume on the horizon and this evening I starting thinking about the footwear!


Because she is barefoot!  Ouch!

Guess I will have to settle with flip flops... hmmm.... Didn't I stumble on an invisible cosplay shoe once... Ally Cat spends an hour aggressively searching the internet... Found it!

And Sewing is Half the Battle: Invisible Shoes

How cool is this?  Now Kiani will be able to be accurate and barefoot!  Smiles for everyone!

I thought for sure the tutorial I was looking for was related to Homestuck.  When I was searching for ways to glue nails onto gloves for Catwoman I came across quite a few good tutorials but not what I was looking for at the time.  One of those tutorials was the invisible shoes from above and another was for Troll arms and nails.

Seriously, check this out. Even if you don't care for Homestuck Trolls, it's worth checking out.

Tumblr: thediagonallie: Makeupless Homestuck Troll Cosplay Arms and Hands

It's so cool I really wanted to try this method for Catwomans gloves but the neck piece wouldn't have worked.  I do think this would be pretty awesome for some typically body painted cosplays other then a Homestuck Troll.  They are really really cool looking.  I mean wouldn't it be nice to not have paint on your hands and worry about rubbing it off on yourself, costume, or other people?  Plus, you always have gorgeous nails!

Happy crafting ~ Ally Cat