Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Crafting Bonanza

I don't know how this happens but it always does, costumes always come down to the wire with creation.  Always.

I have been working on Castaspella since July!  July!  Then people were surprised it was for NYCC because I started so early. Well I am very glad I did considering it's taken me now three months to finish her. Granted I could have churned her out faster but I had some events and conventions plus I have a full time job that takes a lot out of me. So I took more time then I needed with Casta and even though I have yet to put the entire costume on I am pretty excited about it.

All while crafting Casta in particular I had She-Ra on in the background.  Why not?   It's interesting listening/watching the hidden lessons we learned as kids.  It amazes me how She-Ra in particular taught tolerance, peace and value in people and books.  Guess us MotU fans watched the right programming as kids.

So Casta is finished.  I also added a back piece to the White Rabbit corset which was needed because my back would be exposed showing off any bra I might wear (not cool).  I made the back piece out of spandex and put hot pink stretch knit on for trim. I think it came out pretty fabulous.

Black Widows new gauntlets were finished.  They had been done but needed some extra painting which you can see in the previous blog post.

Supergirl now has an S on the back of her cape. I had requested the cape not have an S when it was first made but I changed my mind.  That was probably the most enjoyable project of the weekend.  It's yellow felt. I printed a copy of the S to the size I chose. I then cut the paper S out and cut the felt to match the outer shape.  I pinned the pieces together and stuck it in my sewing machine sewing right over the center of the black lines in the S detail.  Then I tore the paper out to reveal the S and embroidered over it with a split stitch.  Finally I fused it to the cape and whip stitched around the edges. I love it.

Now that I am done with NYCC crafts I can finally clean up, blog a little more and get ready for next weekends Superherp weekend. More on that later... 

I really can't wait to have my whole apartment back... Sigh.