Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pre NYCC...

So I am not nearly as stressed out about NYCC as I was last year. Bonus!

But this year is much busier.

I am delighted that photographers are taking an interest in shooting Castaspella over my other cosplays. Absolutely delighted.

I spent this evening packing. Initially I was going to do this tomorrow (the day prior) like a normal person. I was also planning on washing laundry tomorrow (you know, so I have clean clothes when I am not in costume). Turns out tomorrow is going to be a painfully busy day. The good kind of busy but busy none-the-less.

Originally, I took off of work on Wednesday so that I could pack and prep for NYCC. However, there is a food show tomorrow with one of my vendors so I will be off bright and early in the morning stuffing my face. Being vegetarian I am going to have to hand the meat pieces to my friend (sorry Mel you get to be the meat tester). Afterwards, we planned a lunch date with another friend.

Today I found out that I won two tickets to see a screening of The Fifth Estate tomorrow night! This is awesome! But we have to be at the theater which isn’t around the corner fairly early since they intentionally over booked the theater. So my relaxing day off is starting at 7/7:30am and probably ending at 10pm. Leaving me only late night to pack. In between this mess I need to hit up my storage unit to scope out some Marc Silvestri pieces for signing (and my sweaters… this girl likes to be warm).

You would think 10pm isn’t so bad. I can pack Wednesday night, but NOPE! Thursday morning I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed (literally) early in the morning to make a 7am train into NYC. I will be taking part in the official NYCC Music Video. So I get to be there at the crack of dawn well before the show is open (and not on the floor or early access so don’t get wound up). Several hours later I get to check into my hotel and then go to the show. It’s going to be two early busy days. I am hoping to get a nap on the train in at least. I am pretty good at sleeping on the train. Yep.

Oh and as for my laundry, before I head out to the food show I am going to drop it off and have it washed for me. Yeah. It’s been that kind of busy but it’s so nice to have everything come back folded with only two or three mismatched pairs of socks. Fingers crossed they don’t put fragrance in the wash.

See you at NYCC! I most likely will not be blogging during the show. Phone blogging has its limitations.

If you’re a photographer and you would like to shoot at NYCC please send me an email ASAP.