Monday, December 2, 2013

Megara and Thanksgiving

So I have this thing where I don’t really celebrate holidays. I may sometime in the future but in the meantime I don’t. So when people ask me what I am doing for the holidays, I gleefully respond “SEWING!”

Then they look at me as though I have three heads for doing something nontraditional. Friends have long given up on dragging me to their homes. Instead of the traditional family fest on Thanksgiving I sewed all day. I also sewed Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning and I am more than happy with the results. I think going on a sewing spree such as this is the best way for me to get things done.

So Megara is nearly finished. She needs the lip on the front of her dress, a hem and her sash. There is so much fabric that it truly feels like a prom dress and it’s heavy. I am going to have to reinforce the shoulder straps, though I did give them a really good embroidery stitch to attach them. I made a few mistakes and I am alright with them. When I put the final godet in I managed to nip the fabric in the seam but that will be covered with Meg’s sash. The seams on the top and skirt are not lined up how I wanted them to be and I know what I did. Cosplay is always a learning experience. I am not about to try to fix the minor mistakes in the dress. I am extremely happy with how it’s turned out so far.

I am pretty excited to see it finished and with that I am about to turn my sewing table into a massive ironing board to start pressing the hem. My mini apartment size ironing board does not cut it for this huge dress. My sewing table is barely large enough.

Wish me luck.