Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ms Marvel and Various Week Things...

What a week it has been…

Last weekend I finished sewing Megara. She is finished! I just need to make her hair band. Exciting. Today, I splurged on a garment steamer specifically for Megara. I have never had a need for a steamer before. The only time I have even touched one was when I interned at BCBG and I had to steam some samples and even then I was confused. I blame my simple upbringing.

Anyway, even with the underpinnings the linen still wrinkles a lot but I think this is more from the creation stage then average wrinkling. That said, I am sure traveling with the dress will cause wrinkles and I really hate the idea of ironing. The skirt is a full circle skirt. It’s heavy, big and can take over an hour to iron. So I thought a steamer might be the answer. I was looking for a small travel size but this $20 one I picked up at Wal-Mart was the smallest I could find and it’s not really travel size but I don’t plan on bringing Meg across the country so it’s all good.

I am rather excited to play with the steamer. It can be used as an iron. It has a brush attachment and a crease attachment. The crease attachment really makes me happy I picked this one because I have those godets in the Megs dress and I can crease them to look like pleats (which they did when I had initially pressed the skirt).

I decided this week to liquidate some of my toy collection. I decided I will only be collecting the playful pony size My Little Ponies which means the mini pony sets and glimmer wings went on eBay. I also decided I will no longer be collecting Marvel Universe female action figures, three of them went to a good friend of mine and the rest will be donated. Five of the ponies/pony sets on eBay sold immediately. They are from a year ago so they are no longer in stores. I do hope they go to some child for the holidays.

The rest of this week involved chores and getting ready to travel for a shoot today. I wound up canceling because of the snow. Granted I clearly did not get loads of snow by me but the idea of a four hour drive turning into eight hours was horrifying and of course I wasn’t exactly sure what I would be driving though. I am a good driver. I am not the best, but I am not stupid. That said I am not exactly scared of my skill on the road in snow but of other people. Even though I don’t like driving in snow anyway (though it’s easier to navigate then the last rain storm I drove home through).

In lieu on not going to my friends I spent the money I would have driving out there on Ms. Marvels costumes. I also spent my eBay pony earnings on a She-Ra complete dvd (finally), Ms Marvels wig and her mask. I braved the snow to pick up fabric for Ms Marvel today and the steamer for Meg. It’s been a good day after all. Though when in Wal-Mart I had the worst cashier ever! Usually they are pretty friendly and I totally understand being overwhelmed with the holiday but she wasn’t pleasant to me, the lady in front of me, or the family behind me (who were kind enough to let me jump ahead, I had 3 items). Each person I saw was kind and patient. I saw no reason for this girl to be so awful. When I got to her she didn’t say anything to me and I felt more like an object on an assembly line. What really got me was that she failed to communicate at all, so she never mentioned that I had two bags. Three items in two bags? Really? I walked out with my steamer, got into my car and fished around in the bag for the chapstick I desperately needed and it was not there (nor were my vitamins). So I went back in and of course aisle 11 was closed but I retrieved my bag from the manager. Woo hoo! But gosh, she was not a friendly person, not nasty but definitely not friendly.

Oh well, I managed to get all set up for my next project. It’s looking like I will be working on this through the rest of the holiday season and I am more than happy about that.

And now it seems, due to something unrelated to snow, my aerials class may be canceled. So maybe I will start patterning tomorrow.

My birthday was today and I was super sad not to make it out to see my friends. I like to at least do something but last year my car got towed in Brooklyn and I wound up roaming the streets until my friend in Kew Gardens took me in. So I wasn’t about to chance another cold day/night. However, I think I have had a pretty good birthday week.

Last weekend I had pre-birthday lunch/dinner with some pretty awesome friends at my favorite place Fridays! I am so expensive! It’s the green bean fries, they get me every time! I picked up a sweet Witchblade action figure (on her card)! It’s Sara in her red dress from the time the gauntlet chooses her. Eeeee!!!!!

One of my best friends made a beautiful Shutterfly book for me filled with trapeze and aerial photos of me and our cute trio which is the absolute best gift anyone could have given me right now. Feeling left of center in the group since we are studying different apparatuses has left me very lonely and this was a wonderful way to reconnect.

I was surprised at work with chocolates, red velvet cupcakes and raspberry crumb cake. I made a point of asking people not to sing. Last year they sang and I was a deer in headlights. I am not crazy about the singing. Well wishing is totally cool, I just feel awkward with that many people staring at me for so long.

Thursday night, one of my gal pals and I donated some things to the Boys and Girls club and had a fun time shopping in the thrift store. I was in a special kind of silly mood. We then went to see The Hobbit double feature!

We both expected a full theater and to our surprise there were possibly 20 people in the theater. I was really excited see that landscape on the big screen again but I guess I am not too surprised that people may not have wanted to sit through six hours of screen time. I won’t pretend it wasn’t tough but the hard part was staying awake until three am. I loved seeing a film on opening night in a rather empty theater. The other theaters were not so empty. We had a 15 minute break in-between films and quite a few people were there for the midnight first showing in the other theaters. I think our quiet theater was much better. It’s still hard to stay awake until three am after working all day (and shopping).

I started reading Mockingjay when I got home Friday morning (but only a page or two) and I have spent the last two days doing quite a bit of sleeping. I woke up a few times Friday but didn’t really start moving until 3pm. Today I was up on and off. When I got home from shopping I took to my book and passed back out until6/7pm. I am about ready to go back to sleep now. I can never have enough sleep it seems.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I sure am even though its relatively quiet.