Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ms. Marvel is Coming Along

There really is nothing like the excitement of a new costume coming together nicely (and quickly at that).

I have been selling some of my G4 My Little Pony collection on eBay and with the profits I purchased pieces for Ms. Marvel. I bought the Arda Wig and Ravenwood Mask first. The wig is already here and I have her on my wig head propped up on a wine bottle! That’s a little trick I learned from another cosplayer (but I forgot who). I am hoping some of the wavy curls loosen up some more. It’s the same wig I have for Black Widow but the loose curls are much nicer this time. The factory curls on Black Widows wig were tighter and more awkward so I straightened it. I do not think I will need to with this wig (and I don’t want to because straightening took awhile). Arda had a similar longer wig but it was too long so I figured this one was my best best. Plus I have a narrow forehead so I need bangs on my wigs to help hide the sides of my forehead. Something people don’t realize is that wigs are usually made for a round forehead. I really don’t like putting glue and makeup in my hair to hide to widen my forehead (which I do for Abby Chase).

So the wig got here quickly. The mask I thought would be around late January because it takes up to 30 days for construction and in my experience with commissions says to expect 30 days. This is the first time I am purchasing a mask and I got notice that it shipped last night! I promptly purchased a pair of boots I fell in love with last night. Pleasers Delight 3010 in black leather which I wound up finding for a good deal. I had two ways of going about the boots. One is a method borrowed from a friend that I may try but if it doesn’t work I have the boots as a backup. I already know the boots will need to be altered to fit my skinny legs. This time I am going to bring them to a shoe repair place. Lucky for me I actually DO know where there is one by me and it happens to be a block from where I work. I have quite a few pairs of shoes to be fixed to so I might start doing that as well. It’s hard to let go of a good pair of heels that have been perfectly broken in. I may round those up after typing this.

So I have to break out my pattern book and get to patterning! I am excited and nervous about this. I have to do a major alter on neckline to the pattern and work out the zipper.

Well off to work I go!