Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have a propensity towards avoiding holidays but not ones like New Years.

It’s been a particularly busy but fun week. Saturday I started working on Ms Marvel’s body suit. I am using a different spandex that does not have as much stretch as typical spandex does. So I have to open the sides and add some fabric to it. It’s strange for me to be adding fabric to a bodysuit but I think it will make for an interesting detail on the side, so I am not too worried about it. I intentionally made this one smaller because usually I wind up taking body suits in all over the place. Oh well.

Sunday we had what I like to call a pre New Years get together. This was really an excuse get together since the gym we normally train in on Sundays was closed for the holiday week. So we broke out some wine and Cards Against Humanity! I think we all had a blast. I sure did. One of the things I have come to learn recently is that when it comes to my trapeze friends it’s very important for me to see them outside of training. If I don’t have that I lose my connection to them even though I may see them every week. It’s just different in the gym then it is doing anything else. Oddly, we all brought Yellowtail wine with us. I love Yellowtail Shriaz Cabernet and I found out I love Shriaz Grenache. Apparently, I love berry wine. I do not like Cabernet (on its own) or Merlot.

New Years Eve I went out to New York City to hang out with one of my friends. I went into work that day and left right after. People at my job kept telling me I was nuts to go into NYC because they thought I was going to Times Square. Heck no! If someone wanted to get a hotel there sure but there is no chance of me standing in the cold for hours to watch the ball drop. I am not against seeing any parades but it’s just much too cold out for that. Anyway, we just watched some movies and drank champagne. That’s pretty perfect for me. I spent a solid year as a party girl and that was enough for me.

New Year’s Day I spent some time in NYC. It’s always a bit bizarre on New Years Day in the city. It’s an odd quiet. My favorite time of the day in the city is the morning on a typical week day when you can easily walk around in typically crowded areas because people are at work and the tourists are not awake and out yet. I would say this is between eight and eleven in the morning. But on New Year’s Day there are even less people out and it’s like time stops in the morning. Later in the day I went out to Tiffany and Co’s SoHo store. There are few places like Tiffany’s that I have been in. To be completely honest, I have only been in Tiffany’s once before in Manhasset and it was somewhat busy so the experience was a bit less than mine was this past Wednesday. I was very aware that I was walking into Tiffany’s with a backpack on but no one there seemed to care at all. I went in and told the doorman I needed to get some pieces cleaned and he directed me to anyone behind the counter. Oddly at Manhasset it was a particular spot I had to go to. The man I dealt with was extremely nice and gave information on how to polish silver myself. The pieces I own are very simple but it’s still 925 Tiffany’s silver and its very good information to know how to take care of it on my own. I have a keychain that I forgot about. The keychain was on a purse that I believe I donated a year ago and then I found the keychain highly tarnished. I intended on taking a before picture but the clerk was so surprised at the tarnishing he started working on it with the polishing cloth which did take quite a bit off of the charm. The key chain is a very dark brown almost black and the charm plus the chain and coil have to be cleaned otherwise it might be a simple fix. I brought my other items with me thinking they could use a nice polish as well. The experience was very nice. I think when I went into the Manhasset store I was immediately overwhelmed but in SoHo I felt more at home I guess. I would like to go to the flagship 5th Ave store one day.

I know people will read that and eye roll over Tiffany’s but the reality is yes it is a bit expensive but it’s also quality jewelry. All of their silver is 925 silver and it is not plated silver. All of their diamonds are high grade. They will not accept a stone with a low grade. So it is expensive but there is a good reason for it. Plus they do cleanings and it’s one of the few places I don’t fear stones will be swapped out when I can’t watch them clean. The company became prestigious for a reason.

Last night, I made Jell-O shots for a party this weekend, because I don’t like going to peoples places empty handed and everyone likes Jell-O shots. I tried a new method with the cups. I always use 1 ounce cups that have a cap on them. So easy to carry around! This time I tried something I saw online and I am not 100% sure it worked. I did test one of the shooters this morning and it seemed to work. I sprayed the cups with cooking spray. This is supposed to allow them to slip out of the cup much like flouring a cake pan. So with minimal effort my test shooter did slip out of the cup but it didn’t exactly fall out like I expected. It works but be prepared to still have to work at the Jell-O a little bit.

Oh and the snow storm! Seriously, I am so over snow storms being named. STOP! I have the news on now and they are not losing their minds over the name of the storm and that’s pretty sweet. I would normally be at work today but considering quite a few factors and realizing that right now I can get away with being docked pay for the day I decided to stay in. I have NEVER EVER done this. I always go to work no matter what because I have things to get done and normally I can’t afford being docked. If I call out I only hurt myself so I don’t feel horrible about it. I know I am not leaving them short. I am only making next week a lot harder on myself. If I worked a different position I would feel horrible and probably would have attempted to get through my barely plowed roads. Lucky for me I am just hurting myself.

So instead of going out in the snow to work, I plan on seam ripping Ms. Marvel and adding the fabric to the sides. When the snow stops and the roads are cleared more I may trek out to Big Lots and find out how I go about ordering a new futon mattress they sell. I am not sure if its and in-stock product or not. A friend of mine is willing to help me pick it up and get it into my place but I don’t want to bring her there to find out I have to order it. I also have to pick up the zipper for Ms. Marvel so that will get done as well. One of my Campbell sketchbooks sold this morning! If the Post Office is open I may have that mailed out today as well. Lots to do!

Tomorrow, I have a party and Sunday I may trek out to NYC to pick up my cleaned Tiffany’s pieces and head out to trapeze. Whew!