Saturday, February 22, 2014


It’s been a week since Katsucon kicked off and I miss my friends very much.

I do not follow anime and attended Katsucon solely for costuming. I never went onto the dealers floor or to panels. I was in the lobby or village hanging out. Being that I do not follow anime, I was very out of my element and not my usual self. It’s hard to explain and it’s not a bad thing but the crowd and the energy was different than comic conventions. It’s like dancing to trance music and then having to dance to jungle, both enjoyable and club music but completely different. So if I met anyone and was awkward, I was in fact very off and I apologize.

I had a good time at Katsucon. The Gaylord was a really cool environment for a convention. However, having been to the Nashville Gaylord I was a bit disappointed with National Harbor Gaylord. While still beautiful the village is miniature in comparison. It would be amazing to be at a convention at the Nashville Gaylord. I will have to look into whether they have one or not…

The cosplay at Kastucon was amazing! I ran into a lot of friends both ones I have known and others I have only known online. It was great being around such wonderful cosplay. When I take a time off I start loosing creative motivation, but spending time around costumers really gets me creativity flowing. I am so ready to start sewing and making lots of things.

I loved, loved, loved all the Disney cosplay! It was like walking into a Disney daydream. Way too many Elsa and Anna’s, but they all looked stunning. I was one of three Megs and that was really cool. I met a cosplayer who is getting a Hercules together. Tinkerbell and Periwinkle were there. Peter Pan, Wendy, Hook, the whole crew. It was a sight to see. Oh and all the Ponies in the grand galloping gala dresses. All the big fluffy dresses. I am very inspired to create more Disney cosplays. I think next might be Belle in her blue dress. I was never a fan of her ball gown in the film.

However, it was also very strange for me to be cosplaying alone. Two of my roomies were with me at the show, but I was the only one of the trio that cosplayed. I am very much not used to that. I love being in costuming groups with people. It’s hard to explain but my energy bounces off the people around me because I wasn’t in a costumed group my energy was a little off.

I think the biggest part of Katsucon for me was the drive in and out. Originally I was supposed to leave Thursday, stay overnight in Philly and finish the trip Friday morning but the snow had other plans. It was extremely touching how many people panicked and thought I left on Thursday. I had already decided to wait out the storm but then chose to leave very early Friday (on a lot of caffeine). I left at 4am Friday and the roads by me had not been plowed. The LIE by me was not plowed. Driving at night in heavy snow is like going into hyper space with the snow flying at the car except they are not consistent in their path so it’s like a drunk hyper space. It was completely bizarre to be on the LIE with no traffic at all, unplowed roads, and the few vehicles on it driving 20-30 miles an hour. Because the roads were not plowed, once I made it to the BQE it was a nightmare avoiding pot holes. The roads are so torn up from this winter. I passed several disabled vehicles. I am not even sure how those types of pot holes come to be. I mean some were so large and deep you would think they were drilling for giant man holes.

It normally takes me 1.5 hours to make it out of New York. It took me 2.5 hours this time. Getting to Philly was the same as usual from there, but I got stuck a few times trying to pick up my friend on their unplowed roads. I am very happy I did not stay over because finding parking and then getting the car out would have been difficult. It was when I tried to park my car got stuck in the snow. So I just blocked the road, put on my flashers and waited for her while the residents dug their cars out. Then headed into National Harbor just before the final exit we got stuck in an hour of traffic because of an accident blocking the road. We got in at 2pm and all together it was a 10 hour drive. Much longer then I had anticipated.

Driving home wasn’t nearly as bad because the weather was better and we stopped at a Nathan’s! Corn dogs!!!!! I still blocked the road when I dropped my friend off in Philly. I got stuck in traffic in Brooklyn because of the roads being eaten up so badly with pot holes. I also got stuck for a short while on the LIE. I don’t quite understand what happened though. The signs kept saying three lanes were closed because of an accident. I watched cars make U turns and drive the wrong direction up entrance ramps. It was pretty crazy, but once I got past the exit where the accident was supposed to be there was no accident or police activity but the road was open and clear. It was bizarre. I was so happy to have Monday off from work and a four pack of neck Thermapatchs. I have been avoiding unneeded long drives because of neck pain. This is why I was planning on staying the night in Philly to break the drive up, but I knew the drive home I was a goner. I was okay on the drive down but the drive home my neck started acting up. Silly injury will not stop me from cosplaying!

Alas, I do not think I will be attending anime conventions in the future. I am hoping to attend MagFest next year though!