Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where Have I Been? Where am I Going?

I have been noticeably blogging sporadically if at all for the last month or so. What’s up with that?  Oh and I talk about upcoming projects.

A few things are going on that have made me blog less often. One, I replaced the battery in my laptop. I used to keep my laptop plugged in and on all the time because I had a hard time connecting to the internet in my apartment. Once I was connected I would leave the laptop on to stay connected rather than spend an hour rebooting to get the internet on. I knowingly ruined my battery this way and then leaving the computer on was both habit and a way to keep the battery somewhat juiced. Since replacing the battery and no longer having internet connection issues, I have had my laptop off and I haven’t been using it. I find if it’s on I use it and loose hours surfing the internet, but when it’s off I spend more time on other things.

Two, I have been okay keeping the computer off so that I spend more time distressing and helping to ease my anxiety. So part of it is me saying it’s okay taking several weeks off at a time and not to stress about it.

Three, I have been completely consumed with a fairly big project at work. We are reevaluating what feels like everything to meet the New York State Department of Heath Nutritional Standards. It’s extremely interesting. The DOH has actually made implementing the standards fairly easy but giving specific nutritional standards. Since I am not a Nutritionist, I have been analyzing anything that comes packaged or with nutritional information. What to know what makes a healthy snack? I know now and it’s pretty much killing me anytime I am near food. I have all these numbers jumbling in my head. But seriously and I don’t think this is giving away anything ridiculous, according to the standards a healthy snack is one that contains per package 200 or less calories, up to 7 grams of fat, up to 2 grams saturated fat, 0 trans fats, up to 200mg sodium, up to 10 grams of sugar and if it’s wheat or potato based at least 2g of fiber. It’s been a really interesting project. I have a feeling what we will see happening in the snack and candy industry is package sizes shrinking. Many brands that are marketed as healthy snacks do not fit these guidelines. It’s not because the product is bad, but because the package is larger than our standard chips. I can get Sun Chips in both a 1.5oz bag and a 1oz bag. The 1oz bag meets the standards but the 1.5oz missed on the calories. Not a brand like Food Should Taste Good only comes in a 1.5oz and because of that it does not meet the standards even though branding would tell you it’s healthier then Sun Chips. I already completed the beverage standards and the snack standards are more daunting because they involve more than calories.

Four, I was getting ready for Katsucon.

So since Katsucon, I have been highly motivated to start making costumes like crazy. I already knew I would be working on Red Son Wonder Woman next, but I added Aspen Matthews (friend suggestion) and Black Widow Mermaid (Mermaid Parade).

In the last week, I purchased Worbla from (she has the best price). This will be my first time making armor of any kind. I will be starting with WW’s tiara and then moving on to Aspens armor. I had planned on making Kiani, but I think Aspen is a simpler build considering the specific costume I picked out. I am still going to work on Kiani at some point, possibly for Dragon*Con. Random thought, I have to keep in mind to never store my armor in storage which means anything I make will need a spot in my apartment.

Speaking of Kiani, I contacted The Five Wits about having a custom wig made. I keep hearing exceptional things about their wigs and they got back to me and said they would work on it and send me pictures. Exciting.

The beauty of Aspen and WW is my hair is now long enough that I will not need a wig. I will need to temp dye it darker but that’s okay with me. I actually like my hair darker. Most ladies dye their hair blonde and I over here going no dark brunette please.

Last few days I have been on a costuming shopping spree. For WW I picked up gray fabric for the skirt, craft foam stars to be a temple for the black stars, trim for the lasso, a star charm for the tiara, and red corset from another cosplayer that I adore. I already have the boots (thank you last minute Supergirl boots from 3 years ago).

For Black Widow Mermaid, I picked up a black bikini top that I spent yesterday altering, black spandex for the tail and I using my gold mystique for the fins possibly with red rat tail and tons of bling (once I find gold, black and red gems).

For Aspen, I picked up a brown bikini off of eBay. It’s a darker brown then her suit. I might cover it in faux honey colored suede, but I think the darker brown will suit my skin tone better then the honey color. So I might stick with deep brown faux suede. I picked up a reminant of brown faux suede for the belt and I still need a sweet circle belt buckle. I am pretty excited to make a belt.

I also ordered new seashells for Ariel. They will be coming raw and unpainted which is cool because I can customize them. No word on when Ariel will be actually put together.

Then I contacted someone last night about buying a wheelchair. I will not be able to walk with my fin on in Black Widow Mermaid. I found an amazing tutorial where the fin and the tail are separate. I plan on putting a long zipper up the side of the leg (possibly both sides) so without the tail it should look like a long tight skirt. The fin will have dense wiring and foam in it. I am hoping to start building the wire frame this week.

On top of all that Tuesday the driver’s side lock to my car fell into my car! Noooooooo! All week I had to open the car from the passenger’s side and climb through to open the lock on the driver’s side. It’s got old fast. It was so beautiful out yesterday that I took my door apart and fixed the lock. It was as simple as popping the lock back into place and then finding the bolt that has become loose and fallen into my door. Getting the door off was a pain but all those years of watching boys take the doors off and change speaker systems came in handy. I did have to use a youtube tutorial on one spot but it came off and back on and my lock is all fixed. My neighbor was impressed.

I am off to work on making two skirts. Then I have to pick out which one to wear to the circus Friday! Circus!!!!!!!