Sunday, April 6, 2014

What a Weekend!

This weekend was pretty awesome and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. I have some pretty amazing friends.

Seriously, everyone should have friends like mine. I had intended to spend Friday evening cleaning for our heat gun extravaganza on Saturday, but instead I went to see Captain America: Winter Solider with one of my Manhattan friends who came all the way to me on the train and I finally got to use my birthday movie ticket! I haven’t been to the theater lately and when I go it’s usually Tuesday night which is a discount night and would waste the cost of the gift ticket. Yes I think like that.

I really enjoyed Captain America. I have not read the graphic novel, but I love the nostalgia in the Captain America films. I also love seeing Black Widow take center stage. Finally a female hero that has a part with substance! Finally!

So then Saturday, my friends came over and we played with heat guns, Worbla and Wonderflex. Worbla is super easy to work with and I love it! I did make a mistake today working on Red Son Wonder Womans buckle where I pushed the Worbla onto the front the wrong way and the triangle piece stuck to the wood and started pulling off the front. It’s fixed and I won’t do that again. I made my Wonder Woman tiara and a big potato chip. Scarlett made a piece for her shoulder with the Wonderflex. I can see plus’ and minus’ for both materials. I think the Wonderflex isn’t as pliable and would have never worked for the tiara because I don’t believe is stretches over the star in the same way Worbla does. Worbla on the other hand is forgiving and possibly too pliable. If over stretched it just gets a little hole or noticeably thinner.

We also played some two player Disney Infinity which was hilarious! I really wanted to see what the game does in two player mode. In the Toy Box it splits the screen and you can run around, build and try to kill enemies when the pop up. You can use the adventures together which is horrible and hilarious on a split screen. You can’t really see each other well. At one point I was Elsa (who is bad ass) and I kept freezing my friend until I killed her. Whoops.

Today I spent relaxing and making Red Son Wonder Womans skirt and belt buckle. I plan on getting some marine vinyl for the belt. I have to get a red corset next. I also may need to make earrings. I bought a pair of red star earrings but they are much too small.

Oh I also talked to my two favorite West Coast friends that are going to be at Phoenix Comic Con and both told me to hang with them at their booths among other things so I am very much excited again. On top of talking with other friends I think all I really needed was to know that I am wanted there. It makes all the difference.

I have some pretty awesome people around and I am grateful.