Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Phoenix Comic Con and Boston Comic Con

Sadly, I have to announce that due to unforseen circumstances I will no longer be able to attend Phoenix Comic Con. I do sincerely hope I am able to attend sometime in the future.

I was very upset this weekend when I learned I would not be able to attend. However, as this opportunity was not meant to be another has opened up and it looks as though I will be attending Boston Comic Con in August.  I only plan on attending Saturday at this time but that very well may change.

This will be the first time this Yankee has contimplated stepping foot in Boston since the 7th grade.  Thankfully it will be before the playoffs.  Haha.

I am really sad to not be attending PCC but looking forward to Boston and you can all thank Amber Unmasked for this fabulous idea.