Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Big Decision *GASP*

Life is just full of them isn't it?

I have decided I will not be going to the 2014 NYCC.

After going every year since 2008 (SIX YEARS) I think it's high time I took a year off from the show.  I already knew last week I was not interested in attending 4 days.  This week I really needed to buckle down and decide if I want to attend 3 days, a single day or at all.

I knew the end of last years show that I wasn't exactly interested in attending in 2014.  It's not because of the show.  The show is pretty wonderful, however, what I look for in a show (what excites me) doesn't change much and that is the creators present.  This year the headliners are David Finch and Adam Hughes.  Both are AMAZING artists and genuinely great people.  I know this because I have met them several times before at NYCC.  So the rotation of creators isn't too intense.

Adding to my lack of interest this year is the cost of the show.  I am really burnt out on running hotel rooms (I have had a few bad experiences).  Hotels in NYC are outrageous in cost and I wind up saving like crazy just to afford to sleep and eat in NYC for the weekend.  It certainly puts me on the crash convention diet rather easily.

I also get a bit bothered by not being in costuming groups.  This is also an issues at D*C but I have some pretty awesome people to hang out with.  I am pretty open with my anxiety and I do not like being alone on the floor at NYCC but when all your friends are in costuming groups it's tough to find a buddy sometimes and it's also hard to not get butthurt that you're not in the group in the first place.  I find often these groups consist mostly of male characters and with the females characters "casted" well we come a dime a dozen.  There are tons of female cosplayers not nearly as many males, so it's pretty easy as a female to not be in groups because of ratios.

It is possible that I may attend if I wind up working at the show.  This is a very slim possibility.

However, after seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past I sort of made plans to go to Six Flags Fright Fest in NJ because Fright Fest is awesome!  Another reason I don't really want to attend NYCC is because I miss enjoying the fall!  I miss going pumpkin picking, haunted houses and going to things like Fright Fest.  I wind up not doing them because all of my finances (and life) winds up being devoted to NYCC.

There is still the slim chance I may be there but as of now, I do not have any plans to go.

Kingda Ka here I come!   I am coming for you and you better break down right before I get there.... bahahaha.  The best.