Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Citi Field, Special Edition: NYC and Eternal Con

Two weeks ago, I had the busiest of weeks which left me wanting more time in my days.  Why can't the weekends be just a bit longer so I can recoup in-between insanity?

Two local conventions on the same weekend.  Why??????

To kick off the weekend of insanity, Frank from EternalCon set up a wonderful event promoting EternalCon during the Mets Game at Citi Field!  I am not a Mets fan.  I am actually a Yankees fan (even though I haven't watched baseball in a few years).  However, there was no denying that the event we were invited to participate in wasn't completely cool in every way.  As one of the "professional" costumers, after an anxiety attack (it happened) I was escorted back into Citi Field to the auxiliary locker room to get ready with the rest of the costumers.  It's always a bit funny to be when anyone calls me a "professional" costumers.  I take it as a compliment but it's weird to hear since costuming is not my profession.

After we were all ready, we were brought out to an open area behind the Bullpen Gate where we met Daniel Cudmore and stood as background while he was interviewed.  We then walked around handing out fliers and taking photos with fans.  After we did a lap we were brought back to the locker room for some snacks.  Then the really cool thing happened! 

We got to walk out onto the field!  Okay not the grass part of the field, we were told specifically not to walk on the grass, but we got to walk on the ball field during the game and throw T-shirts out to the fans.  The only thing that could have made that cooler for me is if it was Yankee Stadium, because Yankees.  I can't deny that it was pretty awesome being given that opportunity and I am very grateful to EternalCon for making that happen.  After being on the field we were each given a shirt of our own and were allowed to disperse for the evening to watch the game or do whatever.  It was late so I went home but I was told the seats we had were very nice.

Also, because I am not a Mets fan I decided to give away my T-Shirt.  I have quite a few coworkers who are big Mets fans.  I figured instead of having another night shirt I would give it to someone who would truly appreciate having it.  The person I gave it to was thrilled and it was so worth it seeing how she lit up when I gave it to her.

That was Thursday night, thankfully I had taken Friday off of work.  That weekend I had a double convention!  This was a new experience for me.  Two local conventions and both of them ones I really wanted to be at, so I split my weekend.  We don't have many local conventions and I am not too thrilled they both picked Fathers Day weekend but it is what it is.  To top it off both shows are really my kind of shows.

Saturday I attended the brand new Special Edition: NYC at the Javitz as Kate Bishop.  I really wanted to do a low key costume because once you costume its tough not costuming and I wanted to take in this new show without being bombarded by cameras.  Sometimes I just want to be a geeky fan.  So when Chris suggested Kate Bishop I went with it.

Special Edition: NYC is MY KIND OF CONVENTION!  I loved it.  I already knew I was going to enjoy it because artists alley is my spot.  I love being around creators and creative people.  This was a convention for me and people like me.  I also found the attendees to be different from Octobers NYCC in a very good way.  Not that the attendees at NYCC are bad but in a big crowd your more likely to get less then stellar attendees.  I really loved this show.  I do hope they have another next year and it doesn't conflict with EternalCon.

It was a good time being Kate as well.  It was funny how many people (of course) had no idea I was in a costume of any nature (that was the idea), but the people who did get it loved it.  It was like when I wore Abbey Chase at NYCC.  At the time she wasn't current, but the people who knew her loved it while others knew I was in a costume but just couldn't figure out who I was.

EternalCon on Sunday was just as wonderful as it was the previous year.  I wound up getting there later then intended (I blame the traffic on the Belt).  The show really did expand into the museum.  Last year it was in the lobby areas and cafeteria with free admission to the museum.  This year they expanded inward to include vendors within the museum.

I met Lee Arenberg and I had to ask him if we were in fact friends on Facebook.  Lo and behold we are.  That's pretty cool.  He was really nice to chat with too.  One never knows if its a fake account online.

I went to EternalCon as Red Son Wonder Woman and not too surprisingly not many people knew who I was.  There were a few who knew I was a variation but they couldn't remember what until I told them and then they got excited about it.  I had some people call me evil Wonder Woman.  Okay I guess.  I mean she is a Soviet variation but not exactly evil.  She still has the same values.  I think at some point I will wear my white wig with Red Son WW and see if anyone gets it.

It was a really exciting and fun weekend.  I highly recommend either convention.

Oh my, I might start getting caught up on my posts...

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