Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cosplay Rush

Well it's the Phoenix Comic Con weekend and I am surviving! Though I had a very rough start to this weekend.

I was able to reverse my vacation days but I kept Friday off so that I could go to NJ and see some friends but as luck would have it I wound up staying home. I think the roughest part of this weekend was Thursday. All day I couldn't stop thinking about how I would have been on a plane at this time, I should have been there at this time, but after that I made sure to keep my distance from PHXCC posts and contacting friends that were there (they know how I am, they left me alone too). Thursday was also rough knowing that I could have been there to give my friend an actual needed hug on the anniversary of something unfortunate. Instead I sent internet love.

Otherwise I have been keeping myself busy. I have finally finished the fin for Black Widow Mermaid. I pulled my black underbust corset out of storage. I just have to add a few snaps to the tail where the fin and skirt meet. Right now I have velco but I would like to have the added security of snaps. I am walking in the parade this year with the New York Cosplayer Network and I am not sure if i will be carrying my tail or letting it drag behind me.

I spent a full workday yesterday adding gemstones to my fin. I already decided I was only geming the top of the fin. I figure if I am dragging it the gems will rip off so why waste my gems and time?

I am really excited the fin is finished. This means I can move forward and my neck and back are pretty thrilled I will no longer be crunched up geming.

Now I need to get ready for NYCC Special Edition, CitiField Cosplay Night, and EternalCon! I think I might wear Mary Jane to NYCCSE. I had originally planned on Ms Marvel but I am not feeling confident in my mid section at the moment so I may hold her off for NYCC in October. For Cosplay Night I will be wearing Elektra and I think for EternalCon Red Son Wonder Woman is coming with me. So this means I have to get the bands for Elektra sewn onto my tights. I believe two are on already. I also have to fix the velcro closure on front of RS WW. Once I get through the next few weekends of busy busy cosplay rush I will get to really talking about all the new and wonderful things I tried and learned with Red Son Wonder Woman.