Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Trapeze Class...

Last Tuesday was my official last flying trapeze workshop class.

It's both fortunate and unfortunate that is was a pretty awesome class.  Fortunate because I always want to have a wonderful class and I haven't had many this season (of the classes I showed up to).  It's unfortunate because it's harder to say goodbye after a good class, but it's also nice to leave on a high note.  I still have some makeup classes waiting for me.  So my time in the sky is not exactly finished but my scheduled classes are.  I can now work classes around what works best for me week to week which means early Saturday this weekend but who knows for the future classes.

I did manage to get a video of one of my catches (because for the first time in weeks I decided to catch).  I have been bailing on class before catches which really spoke volumes to me.  Catching is typically the best part of class and here I was not interested.  I returned to my familiar gazelle and after working on splits all season each time I threw the trick I really had to think about how to get into a gazelle which is pretty hilarious considering my previous classes and seasons I had such a tough time breaking from the gazelle to the split.  What on earth?

I also had the chance to finally pull videos off of my camera from my second to last static trapeze class.  This was from Easter.  It was probably one of my best classes all winter/spring.  However, watching the video makes me extremely sad because I can see how hard I am trying to not cry.  There was so much drama and confusion surrounding that particular class that I felt like I was not wanted there but I also felt like I shouldn't give up because of it.  In reality, I know in my heart I wasn't wanted there.  Somewhere along the line I became the outcast of the aerial group and there is nothing anyone can tell me to make me think differently.  My heart was so broken that day in particular.  It's still broken.  In the end, I wound up learning a new trick I had been wanting to learn for over a year and you see my excitement at the end.

Seeing the videos that I complied here reconfirms my need to break away from circus arts.

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