Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Necklace

It's 4am and I have been up since 9:30pm after falling asleep at 5pm. Oops. However, I am really excited and happy regardless of my lack of slumber.

Last month, May 30th, I had a memorial to attend. At this memorial I wore a necklace I thought would be the most appropriate.  It's a chain that has one of my grandmas costume rings. She has been gone 10 years now and even though it's not anything fancy it's really all I have to remember her.

That afternoon, I stayed at a friends place. Several days later I went to wear the necklace again (I used to wear it ever day), I couldn't find it. I cleaned my apartment. I looked everywhere I could think of and it was not showing up.  I even asked my friend to look around in case I took it off.

Tonight I was mopping about my necklace wondering if I will ever see it again or if I am just that horribly irresponsible.

Then I found it!!!!!!  Sometimes I think when I can't find things like this it's because I am not meant to have it as those times.  I am so happy I found it and I can't wait to wear it tomorrow.

Turns out it was in the first place I looked. My jewelry box/tower (it's a piece of furniture I am not sure the name).  It wasn't with the necklaces. It was off in the corner bundled up with earrings.  Oops. 

I am beyond thrilled.