Friday, June 20, 2014

Wizard World Philadelphia versus the Coney Island Mermaid Parade

The annual Philly show is happening right now and I keep getting asked if I am there.  So here is an answer that should cover quite a few people.


Nope.  I am not at Philly show this year. 

When I really sat back and thought about it after last years show, I realized that outside of seeing my Philly friends there is nothing at the show that interests me.  I have decided that in the future if they have a guest or artist I am interested in I might take a day trip but I don't plan on shipping out for a 4 day show just to see friends.  I can see my friends any weekend with out paying a huge fee.  Let be real and admit that the ticket prices are sky high to get into the show.  It's also really sad that they no longer offer a 3 day ticket; only 4 day and singles.  I have a lot of complaints about Wizard in general and some come directly from previous employees, but that's for another day and I know any opinions I have will fall on dead ears.

So lucky me the Coney Island Mermaid Parade is this weekend as well.  I have been enjoying these overlaps in events because they have allowed me to easily avoid other events I would rather not be at.  Of course this overlap sent a few people into very tough decision making but for me it was simple as Mermaid Parade with $30 train ride or a single day at WWPhilly with $100 in travel fees, $50 for a ticket, and lets say at least $36 for parking.  The choice is pretty clear to me.  I asked a friend to be on the look out for a Pop Vinyl anyway.  I saw the White Phoenix Pop at Special Edition: NYC last weekend for a really good price but at the time I didn't realize it was a good price so I didn't pick her up.  Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone at Wizard World Philadelphia has a great time this weekend.  I have to get back to finishing up my mermaid for tomorrow.  Just a few stitches in the tail, spray glitter, and I have a little crown piece I am making.  It's really just a starfish but from the front I looks like a crown.