Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crisis Averted

So now I can talk about why I was so upset this weekend...

There was a chance I would have to cancel going to Dragon Con which was completely crushing.  This goes double since I had to cancel Phoenix Comic Con.  It was extra upsetting because I am the ride home for one of my friends and I can't fathom leaving someone without a ride after I already said I would be driving them.  I don't do that.

In my upset state, I made alternate tentative plans to go to one of the local Ren Faires and buy my friend a bus ticket or at least send her the money for it.  I didn't tell my roommates/car-mates about what was happening until I knew what was going to happen.  I mean there is no need to scare people right?  That's why I didn't post it on my blog either.  I wasn't about to write about it before telling my roomies.  That would be awful to do to them.

So what happened?

I have been working diligently at getting ready for D*C.  Getting Samantha ready and getting my car fixed and travel ready.  Every August my inspection is due and usually that means a lot of money being dumped into my car making most things in August pretty much impossible for me.  This year I sold things on eBay so I could to get the car fixed and still go to D*C because of COURSE my O2 sensor died right before inspection.  However, had it gone after it still would have needed to be fixed ASAP.  My gas would flood and the car would shut off.  When I came home from Boston (after not driving it for three days), it flooded three times during a 20 minute drive to work in the morning.  Each time I had to pull over and restart the car.  Plus it kills your gas.

So that was fixed with the money I raised on eBay.  Yay!  I then had to get through a few days of driving to get my inspection done.  My car was fixed on Tuesday, by Friday I was finally feeling confident driving again since the gas was no longer flooding, Saturday I went to leave for NYC and found out my tire was flat.  Now I wouldn't have been so shocked if it was one of my older tires of my known damaged rim.  This was not the case.  It was my brand new front driver side tire.  Two neighbors helped me get the compact spare on.  I then headed off to the city (by train).

On Sunday, I went to Walmart (my place is not open on Sunday) to have the tire patched or sealed.  I thought it just needed a seal because I could not find a nail nor could my neighbors.  I get to Walmart, wait 20 minutes before anyone helps me, and find out the mechanics are on break so it will be an hour before the car goes into the bay.  When they do work on it, they tell me that the rim is too damaged to be sealed.  She explained that the sealant keeps bubbling because the rim is bent.  So they couldn't repair the leak (but we were right it wasn't a nail) and I need a new rim.  The other employee went out and looked at it with me.  He showed me where it was bent and tried hammering out the bent spot.  They insisted I must have hit a massive pot hole or a curb.  I had the tire a month.  I haven't hit any major potholes and there is really no chance I hit a curb on the drivers side.  On the passenger side it's possible on tight turns.  I can't not mention that the sealing job they tried to do was really sloppy.  As person that has never seen tire sealant, I could tell it was sloppy.

So if I need to buy a new rim there is no way I can go to Atlanta.  I can't pass inspection without four tires.  Inspection needs to be done by September 1st and there is no way I can afford a new rim until Thursday.  Oh and I can't drive to VA with a compact spare on the tire.  So you can see the predicament.  Commence complete sadness.

I then went to my regular place on Monday defeated.  Turns out they were able to seal the tire after sanding the rim and refinishing it.  Considering it was a new tire from them, they did not charge me to fix it and I passed inspection!

Moral: don't get work done at Walmart, they can't even seal a tire to a rim.