Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Dragon*Con Crunch

Hey all!  Dragon*Con crunch time is in full swing!  I am actually pretty excited about heading to Atlanta.

This past weekend I finished up making my Bewitched costume.  I am over the moon with how it turned out.  It's always a lot more fun and exciting making a character you really love.  I grew up on Bewitched.  I clearly remember watching it in syndication with I Love Lucy before He-Man came on when I was maybe 4 years old.  Anyway, talking about Bewitched is for another time.

I am really excited to have a girly road trip with my ladies.  I can't wait to get away to somewhere new!  I kind of just did that two weekends ago with Boston but it's pretty cool to visit another new city.

I was able to get my car fixed for the drive down to meet my friends which is amazing.  Sadly, I have been selling items on eBay so I can afford to fix my car.  Now I just have to get the inspection done.  It needs more work but nothing affecting inspection.  I need a new radiator and air box.  For now the air box is using the power of duct tape and the radiator is okay as long as I watch the antifreeze levels.  Of course I will be filling the radiator before I leave for Atlanta.

I have to start packing now and hope White Rabbits Mask is in good enough shape to be photographed.  Eek!

See you soon!

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