Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014 Boston Comic Con

I am behind and the Boston Comic Con was a month ago, but I had such a great time that I think it's of value to talk about.

Me with Jumbo at Tufts University
I have not been to Boston since the 7th grade.  This is of course not including when I drove through and stopped at Tufts University to see Jumbo the elephants statue or when I stayed at my friends dorm in North Eastern on my way to Salem in college.  They don't count.

One of the first things anyone comes to learn about Boston is that driving in it is nearly impossible.  It's as though a child scribbled out lines where roads should be and they just went with it.  Even the cabbies do not know the roads well.

I went to Boston Comic Con with Amber Love of AmberUnmasked.com.  I was privileged to be able to take the ferry and meet Amber in Connecticut, rather then us both driving.  The ferry was amazing.  So amazing that I wouldn't mind just taking the ferry out to CT only to come right back to Long Island.  I love being out on the water.

Our first evening in Boston, I tried to get us to the convention by Subway.  I successfully got us to the aquarium where I thought the convention was.  It was not at the aquarium.  It was not near the aquarium either, but I am still happy  navigated the Boston Subway that far.  New York Subways are my home.  We wound up taking a cab to the convention center.  Of course because the cabbies don't know the area any better then us, every cabbie (except one) insisted we were headed to the wrong address and that the convention center is on the other side of town.  Well yes it is, but this was in the World Trade Center.  They were nice enough.

The convention was pretty awesome.  Boston Comic Con reminded me of Baltimore Comic Con but without any commercialism (that I saw anyway) and easier to navigate.  The show is focused on comics and their creators as a comic convention should be.  They still have entertainment guests, unfortunately like Wizard they are tucked away behind a curtained area.  They also have a few cosplay guests.

I felt like I stepped back in time about 6 years just prior to the comic book pop culture boom.  I was at a show with comic book retailers and loads of toy vendors selling not only current toys but the older ones as well.  It's been a long time since I have seen booths like this and it was more then welcome.

In a very rare moment, I attended a panel.  Amber was on panel "Queer Comics" and it was a full house!  My reason for going was to support my friend, but I also was there to man the recorder and camera.  I thought I was supposed to be videoing, but she was looking for photos.  In the end it worked out.  I had a battery die on me so I had to switch to another video format.  You can check out Ambers Podcast and the video I took on her site AmberUnmasked (direct link).  Its hard for me to sit still for an hour but it was hard to not listen to this panel.  I found it very interesting and enlightening.

Below please check out some of the pictures I took at Boston Comic Con.  I would recommend this show to anyone enjoying comics.  Great show, great crowd, great food, great people and great night life.

Oh and I got a Griffin Ess print of Dancing Baby Groot!

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