Thursday, September 11, 2014

Making Samantha Stevens from Bewitched

I love Bewitched.  I have loved Sam from the moment I first saw her when I was around 4 years old.

I am not sure exactly how old I was but I clearly remember watching I Love Lucy and Bewitched before afternoon cartoons in specific cottage in Mount Sinai.  We lived in this cottage during hurricane Gloria.  Hurricane Gloria was in the fall of 1985 and I was 4 years old.  I remember that hurricane because for the first time ever I was told to play under the table.  So I have memories of being 4 years old and among them is watching Bewitched.

Then when I was older Bewitched hit Nick at Night and I was hooked yet again.  I do love Dick York too.

Making Samantha was a real treat for me.  Its the most satisfying creating a character you love.  I love comics and art, but Bewitched has been with me for some much longer.  This was sentimental.

Sams costume consists of a skirt, collared shirt, waist cincher, cape, hat, wig, mary janes, and the perfect broom.

I started the costume with the hat.  I used a child size costume witch hat to pattern my Sam hat.  The hat is reenforced with light interfacing in the cone to help hold shape and the sturdiest fusible interfacing I could find in the brim.  I added stretch elastic around the edge of the brim to give it a polished look.  I also added some sequin trim around the center of the brim as an extra touch.

You can really see the interfacing here.

Next I worked on the skirt which is a pencil skirt.  I have very narrow hips, so I had to do a lot of altering to the skirt to get it to sit correctly on me.  I changed the patter so that it has an elastic wait band instead of a button and zipper (this is going under a cincher).

Next I worked on the collared shirt.  I did some modifications to the shirt.  The pattern I picked out is an equestrian collared shirt so it has a zipper and is meant for stretch fabric.  This was perfect for me.  I have a very full bust that is normally really difficult with collared shirts because the fabric pulls between the buttons or the shirt is too big elsewhere.  A zipper is perfect.  The zipper also allowed me to decide exactly where I wanted the shirt to open.  I started the zipper at that spot.  I used a featherlight zipper.  I also made the shirt a short sleeve.  Sam has a 3/4 length and the pattern was a full sleeve, but I knew I was going to be in Atlanta in the summer so I adjusted allowing myself a little bit of comfort.

Finally, I worked on the cape.  I did not have a pattern for the cape.  Not knowing what I was doing I started draping and attempting to make darts into a cape shape.  I finally gave up and when online looking for tutorials.  When I found my answer I really could have slapped myself.  Capes are made just like circle skirts.  I had a tough time getting the right neck opening so I just kept working at it.  In the end I wound up with a half circle half cape that has a dart in each shoulder.  The cape is lined in red fabric.  I used a heavy duty black snap and the cape is reversible.

My cincher was a last minute piece given to me by my cousin because my old one broke.  It's not the correct cincher, but I will be getting a new one that fits the style.  The shoes I picked up at a thrift store.  The wig is actually the first wig I ever bought.  It's the wig from the first time I wore Supergirl many moons ago.  After wearing that time it was so tangled I had to cut it which made it perfect for Sam!  To think I was more inclined to set that wig on fire then wear it again.  Ha!

I found my broom at good old Home Depot.  Originally, I purchased a broom I wasn't too fond of with a silver handle I was going to paint, but then I saw the black handle at Home Depot.  Turns out the Home Depot broom comes apart.  The handle screws off!  Hello easy transport!

Tip:  While getting dressed I discovered I could bobby pin my hat to my wig through the seam between the brim and the cone fairly easy.

From 2014 Dragon Con

I loved wearing Sam at Dragon*Con.  Not everyone knew who I was but those who did loved it.  I was called Sabrina and the Wicked Witch which I thought was hilarious.  Outside of hanging with Uhura all afternoon, my favorite moment was running into a Jeannie cosplayer!

From 2014 Dragon Con

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