Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quick Update

The last two weeks, I have not posted much content and well that's because I have been doing things with my apartment and dealing with my health.

I actually really enjoy fixing up my place.  I finally picked up my final dresser and it's worth every penny.  I am not ashamed to admit that pretty much all of my furniture comes from Ikea.  I am so used to Ikea that I can pretty much read the instructions or skip them altogether.  A friend helped me get the dresser from Ikea and then late at night they fell asleep while I built my adult sized lego set.  Because I really felt like a little kid playing with Lego's.  Particularly when I got to the massive bag of screws and such.  My friend woke up to a built dresser.  I am Builder Bob.  Shhh... don't tell anyone.  Oddly enough my father, who I didn't grow up with, was a carpenter.  Maybe there is something in the gene pool?

I also fixed my closet, by pushing the second clothing rod back a few inches so my pant hangers can move freely behind my shirts.  I did that a few weeks ago.  But quite recently I added a pretty sweet LED closet light because those few inches wreaked havoc on my eyes.  It's dark in the back half of the closet.

I messed with my bedroom window.  WD-40'd the track, did some serious cleaning to that window, fixed holes in the screen, and added a window lock because apparently my bedroom window never had a lock on it.  Scary.  The last week I have been sleeping with the window cracked open which is very new for me and I really like it.  Sounds strange but more on that another time.

Lets see... what else... my next home project will be putting in nicer shelves in my bathroom closet.  I can't wait.  Something durable!  Oh, as I have been cleaning or working on rooms I have been checking for any holes but the radiator or pipes.  I am in a half basement so it gets buggy, but I am doing a pretty decent job of plugging all those spots up because I can tell you this place hase been much less buggy.  I have two more radiators to get to and then I can say well it's a basement and I tried.

Cosplay-wise I am currently working on fixing Supergirl and Megara.  Supergirl was beyond damaged last year.  One of two things happened to Supergirl (maybe both).  One, I had a new blue shirt in the wash with Supergirl.  Two, I may have actually used the washer on hot (which I never ever do).  I wash all my cloths on cold but it's very possible I derpped and didn't change the setting from the previous user.  So blue bled into the yellow of Supergirl leaving all her yellow neon green and not a removely nice neon green.  Her yellow is all getting replaced and I am making her a new cape as well.

Megara on the other hand stretched out from the linen.  This happened long ago and I never had the time or energy to take her apart and fix her.  I am bring the empire waist up where it should be, shortening the shoulder straps, bringing the sides in a 1/2" on each side, and replacing the zipper (hopefully with a longer zip).

So far I have quite a bit of Supergirl done.  The only parts left are the annoying parts like making the S, and adding trim to the cape.  Meg has been seam ripped and is quite ready to be out back together.  She is being held together by safety pins while hanging over my cough at the moment.

As of now, I am headed to bed.  I woke up at 5am and it is now 1:40am.  It's been a pretty long day.  If I allowed myself to I would probably sew through the early morning into tomorrow but I am not.

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