Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Safely Disposing of Bent Pins and Needles

I was sewing all weekend and I managed to mangle a few pins and as I was preparing to toss them out I thought sharing a post about safely disposing of sharps would be quite handy.

Anyone that works with me and has been in my office to get new blades for box cutters has heard me say repeatedly "tape the old blade".  One person actually got offended, but I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with me.  I say this to every single person that takes a blade out because if I don't I do wind up with open razor blades in my garbage which is very much not safe for anyone handling the garbage.  So I have this tape thing...

I have 3 bent pins and a bent needle (I am not sure when I bent it but I had it around).   I tape my pins just like I ask my coworkers to tape the razor blades.

Mangled sharp things...
The almighty Duck Tape (packing tape also works)
Place pins like so...
Fold tape over the pins and it's ready for the garbage.
This is not the only way to safely dispose of needles and pins.  In the past I have also put the messed up pins in think craft foam that I was tossing.  You can also put them in a closed jar, but if you recycle like me that's not always an option.

As for the razor blades, we tape them with scotch tape.  Wrap the tape around the blade with it half hanging off the sharp side and fold over.  Voila.  No longer sharp.

Oh and if you want to know about needle disposal I know about that also!  Yay B-12 shots!  You need to check with your local sanitation department, but mine asks that they be put in a jar and thrown in the regular garbage (NOT RECYCLING) and without labeling.  Seems odd to me, so I dispose of mine at work in the sharps bin in since I have that opportunity.  My MD also offered to allow me to dispose of them at her office, but I am fairly certain you can dispose of sharps at any lab.

I hope this was informative and helpful!  I guess this is my first sewing tip!

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