Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Surprise in the Mail!

Heading into work yesterday, I actually had time to stop at the Post Office.

I have not checked my PO Box since before Dragon*Con. It's been at least two weeks easily.  As usual it was stuffed to the brim with junk mail but there was a package slip in there.

Perplexed I went to the office to see what this was. I wasn't expecting anything. I was somewhat certain they must have stuck the slip in the wrong box.

Turns out my stepdad had been to his comic book shop and saw a book he thought I would like so he picked it up for me. He had mentioned it a few months ago and knew I had not read it.

It's so nice, random, and thoughtful.  It really put a smile on my face yesterday.  So now I am sitting at the laundromat and about to begin reading Saga!