Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Templar Digital Shoot: Red Son Wonder Woman

At Dragon*Con, I was lucky enough to finally meet Brian from Templar digital and by accident!

I am really funny about giving out my contact information.  When it comes to certain situations, I am always on high alert and I really need to meet people in a group setting before I am okay giving out any information.  I have had one to many crazy people in my life.

So there I was Saturday night at Dragon*Con, by myself, and bored.  I finally went to get dinner pretty late on my own.  I am sitting there eating Moe's for the first time ever (LOVED IT) and Brian comes along.  So we sat and chatted a bit while I downed my Moe's.

Sunday morning I was privileged to be at the Wonder Woman Universe Shoot and I invited Brian to come hang out.  He brought his equipment which I wasn't expecting and below is the result.  I also got to see Brian again just before leaving Dragon*Con where once again I was stuffing my face, but this time with pizza.

Make sure to check out Templar Digital!

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