Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tests and More Tests

Hey all. So I am doing much better then I was over the weekend.

I went to my doctor yesterday and today I am going in for some super early morning blood work.  Monday I am going in for a brain MRI with and without contrast. I have had one of those before. MRI's do not scare me. I also managed to get a pretty close appointment for a sought after Ophthalmologist because with the vision issues she wants him to check out my eyes. I may have to see a neurologist as well but that's based on the results of everything else.

Today though... 2 hour Glucose test plus other lab stuff. I am told whatever I have to drink is going to make me sick. Luckily I work in a hospital and fairly close to the lab so they are letting me work during the test. You know assuming I don't loose my cookies in the lab. Fingers crossed.

Doctors in the past have questioned if I was hypoglycemic before (but no one sent me for the two hour test) so I am actually pretty curious to find out. It would certainly explain my insane night sweats.

However I just can't wait until 9:30 or do when I can eat again!  Woo hoo!!!