Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Visit to the Opthamologist

I have had a touch of phobia about going to the eye doctor in recent years. I had a bad experience so I avoided but with my persistent migraines and vision loss I was directed to seek out a specialist.

Previously I had been going to the Walmart Vision Center for all my eye needs. I know, you're most likely thinking that was a horrible decision and it never was until the last time I went.  I always had a really good experiences there until my last visit several years ago.  At that appointment I was having sudden problems wearing my Acuvue contacts. The Optometrist (I wish I knew his name) insisted I was cleaning my lens incorrectly.  I have been wearing contacts since I was 18, why is my cleaning regime suddenly no longer working 15 years later?  He also told me he was unable to correct my vision and that my vision was no longer able to be corrected with lenses. So he basically told me I was going blind.  Wonderful.  Needless to say I was really upset and it was tough to return to any eye doctor.

A year and a half ago, I knew I needed a lens upgrade so this time I bought a Groupon and went to Pearl Vision. The doctor was an older man and so much nicer.  He was able to correct my vision with lenses.  I was so happy I could have hugged him.  I left with some sweet new frames and really expensive lenses (because the higher the script the more they cost).

So this week I went to the Ophthalmologist for my migraines, my vision loss/fainting spell, and a normal check up. I have never been to an eye specialist before. This doctor is highly recommended through my job and was suggested by my doctor.  Every person in the office was friendly including the doctor (it really makes a huge difference).  Plus it was very obvious how passionate he is about eyes.  Regardless, I always enjoy conversing with people who are truly interested and engaged.

So they take this wild photo that shows the back of your eye. He explained to me where my optic nerves are and I have lettucing which means I am a candidate for retina detachment (yay for things I learned and wasn't there for...errr).  He did this crazy test with a light in my eye to see all the angles and insides of my eye.  Oh and this blue light that pushes in your eye to check eye pressure.  I found it really interesting.

He explained to me eye strain and suggested stepping away from the computer at work to help avoid migraine triggers.  Apparently the eye is flat when focusing on close objects and it rounds for objects that are far away but when you are focused on something nearsighted for awhile the muscle gets stuck causing strain and trouble focusing.  The thing is I do step away from my computer, a bit too often.

He also did a nerve test that I will get the results of in two weeks. That one was strange. They put petroleum jelly on a cold piece of metal and then put the piece of metal at different spots around the face: next to the eyes, under the ear, back of neck, forehead, etc.  This is to see what's happening with my eye sight in a similar fashion as an MRI but different.

I have to go back two more times as of now. One for a field vision test and then for a contact script (because my doctor doesn't do contacts).  Turns out my glasses haven't changed enough to warrant new glasses. Yay!  Sadly I do notice vision issues when driving... Blurry signs from far away and car, traffic, and street lights look like fairies at a certain distance. Sadness.  He did give me my glasses script. My weaker left eye is a whooping 9.75 and the right is 8 something!  They tell me it's always higher then contacts because contacts are closer to the eye. Whew. My last contact script was 7.5 and a 6 I think. Eek!

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