Monday, October 13, 2014

My First Experience Preordering a Video Game

Hint: it wasn't the best of times.

So I picked up my PS3 Disney Infinity 2.0 on Friday from Toys R Us. I have a choice of three local Toys R Us's, turns out I picked the wrong one.

On the Sunday prior to the games release I was sent an email saying that my preorder did not come into stock and I would be contacted when it did.  So I didn't pursue picking up the starter pack. Oddly, I did not get an email about the Guardians or Spider-Man playsets which I also reserved (I did not pick them up yet).

So Friday, I was in the neighborhood and stopped in to the Toys R Us to see a PS3 Disney Infinity 2.0 available for sale. So I figure they must have mine now.  They also had a sale of buy any software or piece and get the second 40% off.  So I decided to pick up a Captain America piece.

I have never done any preorder before. I went over to the game area and showed my receipt. I mentioned the email. The clerk said that was unusual. She checked in the back, then on the one shelf, and as she went to get one from the other shelf she was stopped by another employee who then rechecked where she had looked only to go the same shelf he prevented her from going to. So my preorder was actually NOT put aside for me to pick up.  

So now I have the starter pack and she tells me I have to ring Cap up separately because she can't add it to the original transaction. She then asks if there is a promotion. I said yes. So she tried it anyway and it worked just fine. I got hm Cap 40% off. Then I remembered (partly because of the sign) that my preorder was supposed to come with an extra free figure as a bonus for preordering. This caused more confusion but in the end I walked out with Venom.

So now I am really perplexed about my other preorders. I still have the Guardians playset, the Spider-Man playset and the Hulk on preorder.  As of Friday the store was clearly sold out of the two playsets, so are my preorders actually there???  I am not picking them up tomorrow.  So I am not too worried but I did find this preorder to be really sloppy.

Next time I will use a different store.