Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sewing Weekend

When it comes to relaxing (and when I am up for it), there is nothing better then immersing myself in sewing or crafting.

I go into a somewhat manic mode where I do not feel exhaustion until an hour after I have stopped.  So much so that Saturday I started sewing at 8am stopped at 12 and then started again at 8pm all the way until 3am.  Then I was soaking Supergirl so I didn't really lay down until 4am.  I fell asleep around 5am and considered staying awake to not jeopardize my up and coming early wake up hours.

I devoted my weekend to fixing Supergirl and Megara.  Supergirl was stained in the wash.  I wash my laundry at a laundromat and it's extremely possible I didn't check the setting on the previous persons wash.  I always wash my clothes on cold, but it could have been on hot or warm.  Plus I did have a new blue shirt in there which could have bled into my laundry though somehow only Supergirl was affected and nothing else in the wash.  I was heart broken.  A friend of mine made my Supergirl costume and it was awful to have ruined it but it presented an opportunity. 

I am not against commissions ever but I have found I don't enjoy wearing a costume as much when it's not one I have made.  So fixing Supergirl has allowed me to really make it mine.  The base of it is still my friends work but all the yellow trim and the S had to be replaced.  I also made a new cape that is double the size.

Meg had some fit issues because of both my dress form and linen stretching.  My dress form is amazing but I really need help to get it to fit me correctly.  The dress form is a durable squishy foam that is completely pin-able.  It is sized by the dress that is zipped over it.  I have tried to size it on my own but I can't get to some areas on my own.  Plus I really noticed some odd errors on Meg.  I put the empire waistband much to low, also because of the dress form as the bust sits a bit lower than mine.  The same dress form issue caused me to make the shoulder straps too long.  I did a horrible job on the original zipper which was an invisible zipper but I was no where near close enough to the edge of the zipper.  The linen stretched a bit on the sides but that was easy enough to take in especially considering I already needed to pull the zipper out.

I realized on Meg as I was seam ripping her apart that I was likely to not loose as much length as I thought I would because of how I originally put the empire waist in.  The waist piece was sandwiched between the top and the skirt and folded over the skirt.  Now it's a piece in-between with the top of the band sewn to the top of the dress and the bottom of the band sewn to the skirt.  It allowed me to save a good inch and a half on the hem.  Plus when I was taking in the sides I was able to fix up some small errors on the panels in the skirt.  When I reattached the skirt now all of the seams line up.  Because of how I tightened it previously the seams did not line up from the top to the skirt and now they do!

Sunday, I ran out of my light purple thread.  I when I picked up supplies early in the week I thought to get more yellow but not the purple.  It never crossed my mind.  Monday afternoon, I picked it up at Walmart.  I was lucky they had it.  I had checked Micheal's and for the second time this past weekend I went in and left without buying anything because they lacked what I needed.  I know the holidays are coming but keep up your stock Micheal's.

Monday evening, I went to town finishing up the major pieces on Meg.  The new much longer zipper is in.  The original zipper was just as long but I stopped it at the beginning of the skirt panel.  However, with shorter shoulder straps I need more space to get my head under the one strap, so I made the zipper go all the way down the panel seam.  It's really long and pretty perfect.  I was able to get a much cleaner line sewing it further down.  I also managed to really get close with the invisible zipper and I kid you not the zipper just looks like a seam line.  It's pretty cool.  I do have a bit of a tough time getting the zipper up the spot where the waistband is but it's so much better.

The alinement wound up slightly off, but see how hidden that zipper is????
And how much longer it is???

I still have some finishing to do on Meg.  I would like to add ribbon inside the dress to take the stress off the shoulder straps when stored.  I also need to add a hook and eye to the top of the zipper.  I still need to finish the bottom of the zipper as well.  I plan on hand sewing (ICK) the bottom seam back together, clipping the extra zipper, and tacking it so it is not loose.  There are a few spots on the linen that need to be fixed as well but nothing major.

I am really happy with how both costumes turned out after all my altering.  It's pretty empowering to be able to take something apart my work (and in this case my friends) and improve upon it.

Because I am a perfectionist, it's entirely possible I may redo the bottom yellow pipping of Supergirls cape and the collar.  I already cut fabric for the cape but those are really small projects.

Oh and when I ran out of thread on Sunday, I wound up FINALLY hemming the curtains in my bedroom.  I cut them in a fit of rage over a year ago intending to hem them and forgot.  So that's done.  Eventually, I would like to make curtains for my bedroom that are black out curtains.  I love sunlight, but I don't care for nosy neighbors commenting on my light being on late.  I am up late.  Get over it.  Clearly they are up late also.

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