Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cleaning and Donating

I spent all weekend clearing out a decent amount of storage.

I was prompted by my recent desire to move my storage to a different facility and into a smaller unit.  My current unit is a 5x5 so it's not exactly huge and in most complexes that is the smallest unit.  It's like a nice walk in closet size.  The unit I want to move into is a 4x4.  While my current unit isn't filled and I am sure it would fit into the 4x4 just fine, I took the opportunity to get rid of things.  I did a number getting rid of things.

Friday I snagged four large boxes from work and headed to storage.  I had a field day tossing items into the donate box or the garbage box.  I had old Coach catalogs.  I don't need that.  I attacked my holiday decorations first (which of course were the hardest to get to).  I got rid of almost all of my holiday decor.  I kept anything with sentimental value, purpose, or items I actually use.  Everything else is gone.  It was a cathartic experience.  Many of the decoration items were left over from a previous relationship and through the years I have been slowing removing them.  Now I can really say it's all gone.  All of it and it feels good.  I figure if I put up a holiday tree again (I kept my tree and the star), I will buy new base decor each year.  I know it sounds like a money waster but its a space saver.  Trust that I get out of hand with decorations and I am better only buying a little bit every year.

One of the things I rediscovered is how sentimental I am.  I had a bin of items I had not looked at in years and most of it I did not get rid of.  I have every letter my friend Sarah wrote me in High School, every letter from my pen pal in France, a postcard collection, Mariah Carey fan club newsletters from 1995, cards from friends, wedding invitations, yearbooks, the class book from 5th grade & 2nd grade, a book about me I made in 1st grade, the big wooden Frost Valley book, all my poetry from Middle School both printed and in it's original hand written form, etc.  I feel like I rediscovered a bit of my past and it's really good.

The before... see it wasn't stuffed full.
Once I got on a roll getting rid of items, it was hard to stop.  I kept looking at things and questioning when the last time I touched it was.  I had a beach chair I haven't used since I moved over four years ago.  I questioned my tent, but the odds of getting another sweet little red tent are slim.  I am sure I can go through it again and pull more, but not right now.

After.. hard to see but the whole left side is almost empty.
All the things leaving!
So in the end, I cleared out about a third of my storage unit.  Enough to fill my trunk and the back seat of my car.  I pulled one box to be brought in the house for things I just pulled for me (it wasn't much), one box was garbage, and three were donation.  I also got rid of a nice size laundry basket filled with things and then I went through some items at home and filled up two more boxes.

Full back seat!
Full trunk!
So today, I dropped off the items and the donation center was more then happy to have it.  I over filled one of their drop off bins.  I really feel like I cleaned my soul a bit doing this.  I feel great and lighter.

For anyone wondering, I do still have my trapeze.  I am not ready to let Stella go (she is on the right side in the after pic but standing on her side).  I still hope that in the future I might return to aerials  (no more flying), but it will not happen until I can better manage it by being physically closer and taking private lessons for better focus.

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