Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fainting & Vision Loss Update

Over a month ago I wrote about an exceptional ocular migraine that caused me to pass out in a very public matter.  I haven't talked about the tests outside of prep and the ophthalmologist and I have been asked what is going on.  So here is what has been happening.

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This past week, one of the nurses at my hospital was the absolute first person to say anything that makes sense but I will get to that later.

First I had a ridiculous amount of blood work done and everything came back negative.  I finally know that I am definitely not hypoglycemic which is something that has been suggested long ago for various reasons but I am not and I know that for certain now.

I then had a brain MRI with and without contrast.  IV's are really strange and interesting.  It's basically a flexible plastic tube placed in the vein.  It's really strange.  When the contrast is added it's refreshingly cold.  It sends that kind of nice chill in the body you might get drinking something cold on a warm day or that's how it felt for me.  The actual MRI was not so bad but it was different then MRI's I have had previously.

I had the same MRI back in 2006 and since then I have had a wrist MRI and a neck MRI.  All three were in the older machine.  I barely remember the original brain MRI because I was given a lot of Xanax but I do know I was not nearly as confined as I was this time.

This MRI was in the new machine.  A brand spanking new machine.  This time there was a not only a formed piece to lay my head in but a bunch of foam pads were put around my head and then a face shield over my face.  I have never understood why anyone would not like a MRI until this MRI.  The face shield made me understand.  I was still completely okay in the machine until the foam pads started to give me a horrible headache, but I can very much imagine a person panicking.

As you may have guessed the MRI found everything to be normal.

Then I went to the ophthalmologist a few weeks ago which I posted about already (here), but last week I received my neurology results and as expected everything is normal.  Tomorrow I go back for my field of vision test.

So it seems I am 100% normal but that doesn't really explain why I am getting these attacks or why I passed out.  Granted I don't want to find anything exceptionally "wrong" and it's a good thing everything is coming back normal because we are ruling things out but I would like to be able to control or decrease the chances of these attacks happening.  So far it looks like I will not be able to do that and I will just have to sit down and wait it out when the attacks happen which sort of means praying I am not driving during an attack.

Last week, I had a physical at work and I talked to the nurse about the attack and she has had one.  Finally!  Someone that has actually dealt with this.  It's only happened to her once but she agrees it's completely frightening.  For me, it's happened enough that I generally know whats happening and I try to get myself somewhere safe while memorizing everything as it happens.  She thinks the energy it took me to get up from being outside to attempting to get to the bathroom exerted too much energy causing me to pass out.  She also said next time I should just stay put until it passes which is what I normally do.  I have learned over the years that fighting the vision loss makes it worse so for the most part I just let it happen.

So all signs are pointing to ocular migraines still.  Frustrating but it is what it is I guess.

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