Friday, November 14, 2014

Field of Vision Test

Monday, I went back to my Ophthalmologist for a vision field test. I tried looking online to see what is was and only came up with the "clicky test" that people find annoying. Well that's no help at all...

It is a clicky test but that's pretty lacking in description.  So the test is in a big machine where the eye piece is matched with each eyes prescription.  They started with my right eye so I had a plastic eye patch over my left eye. Argh ye mateys!

You put your face up against the machine and look at the amber light in the center.  They give you a clicker. The idea is every time you see a light in your peripheral vision click the button but do not look away from the amber light.

This is hard because:
1. The lights look like grains of glitter. So not easy to see.

2. Every time I saw one my eye naturally wanted to jump to see it.

It wasn't awful, long, or nearly as annoying as the internet made it out to be.  I looked at it, like I do most things, like a game.  I felt myself in the video game space of button punching.

I then had to go to another machine and stare at a red X following it's movement before rereading lines on the eye chart and once again having iodine put in my eyes to test for eye pressure.

So these tests were to see if I had any damage to my optic nerve since I have these migraines and passed out recently also because he saw the potential for retina detachment last time I was there.

The results are immediate (unlike the neurology test).  My optic nerve has no damage and I am free as a bird for the next year regarding eye care. Outside of going for a contact lens fitting next week.  I can't wait to be back in normal contacts. I am asking to be fitted for daily contacts.  I can't wait.  I need to be free from my glasses. It's the next step in taking better care of myself.