Saturday, November 22, 2014

FInished Moving Storage!

This past week has been chuck full of tiring me out!

All week I have been involved in a project at work which had me at work earlier then normal plus one day coming in early just to make an eye appointment after work.  Eek!

After spending Monday and Tuesday afternoon sleeping into the morning, I started moving my lovely storage unit.  I started this cycle of leaving work, dropping items at the new unit, driving to the old unit to fill my trunk, and heading home.  Early this morning I did the final drop to the new unit and I am thrilled to have it finished.

If you have been on my Twitter you might have heard me complain about neck pain.  This started directly after the weekend I donated and threw out about half of my storage until.  That weekend I also played quite a bit of Disney Infinity 2.0 beating one of the side games.  During that game I was straining my neck.  While I don't exactly know how to explain it, the screen on that one game is sideways and the player can not straighten the screen out to see straight.  I am sure this is so the player cannot see what's coming and completely intentional.  I, however, kept looking at the screen with some crazy crane neck like I was going to be able to suddenly see past what the game allowed me to.  I knew it was happening.  I tried to stop myself from this posture but I kept winding up there and I was really enjoying the game.   I enjoyed it so much that I beat it in a day.  Moving my storage is aggravating the pain and it's been a solid three weeks of pain.  Although it's not nearly as bad as it was that first Monday.

My point is I am THRILLED to have this moving finished because maybe my neck pain will start to heal!

The new location isn't much different.  On my first trip, I talked with the the staff for quite a bit about some of the rules and the rent hikes.  The difference with this location is the staff.  It's completely the staff.  It could very much also be me in a better place and having a better ability to create better relationships.  Both of the staff members were more then kind (one may have been the owner).  It really comes across as a relaxed environment and I never felt that way at my previous location.  See, it's all about relating to the customer.  As the lady was setting up my account, I had no problem asking random questions like "why is paint prohibited to be stored? Spray paint is obvious but canned paint?"  She told me its because it's flammable which I never realized.  They also explained that the rent increases are not controlled by the individual locations but by a computer somewhere in corporate and they are not exactly scheduled.  It's supposed to be after the first 6 months and then annually but some people have gone years without any rent increases.  Odd right?

In the end, my rent is less here then it was at the old location but if it starts getting crazy again I will start looking at different companies.  For now I am quite happy.

I am also sitting at Starbucks hanging out while my car gets a new radiator.  The shop called and told me the fans are not kicking on like they should and he thinks the thermostat may be jammed.  I know I had that thermostat replaced fairly recently.  Nothing against the shop at all, but I am a smart cookie and I will get a second opinion from my normal mechanics at STS.

In the meantime, I am going to sit here and enjoy my Peppermint Mocha Latte.  This really is THE thing about the holiday season I love.  I am not a Pumpkin Spice girl.  Give me my Peppermint Mocha.  Its heaven in a cup.

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